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Gone Camping!

Every summer we try to take at least one weekend and camp in the Big Horn mountains in northern Wyoming. We are leaving this morning and will return on Tuesday.

We will be taking an Internet holiday, so I’ll be out of touch for a bit, but hope to have some gorgeous photos of my beloved Rocky Mountains when I return.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this photo, which I hope to copy on one of our hikes!

 Westward Ho!

It has been quite awhile since we’ve been on a road trip to a place I have never been, and I am very excited to see some new country. Of course, I have plenty along to keep me occupied when I’m not driving…books on my iPad, both to read and to listen to, my Peace sweater sleeve, a sock for DH, needles and yarn for dish cloths, and several magazines.

However, to days was about the countryside with a little knitting on the side. These aren’t the best pictures, but I know many of you have not seen our western landscapes so I wanted to give you an idea!

We left at 5:30 in the morning, and our first stop was Edgemont, SD about 10 miles from Wyoming. It’s very green right now, and the pastures are full of native plants. Yellow sweet clover is quite prevalent here.

Wyoming was green and the countryside was rugged yet beautiful. We headed south from Lusk, to Guernsey, which happens to have some of the most magnificent ruts from the Oregon Trail still around. We didn’t stop this trip, but I have a photo at home I can share if people are really interested.

At Laramie we picked up Interstate 80, which will take us all the way to San Francisco. I was amazed to see that the green countryside continued, as southern Wyoming is very dry. We drove across the Great Divide Basin, so crossed the continental divide twice. The basin is a huge, wide valley at higher elevation. It doesn’t really look like the Rocky Mountains I think of, but it was some interesting country.


Next, we crossed the Red Desert, and drove within a stone’s throw of the north end of the flaming gorge. You can see some of the interesting formations that mark the most northern tip along the interstate.


We crossed the border into Utah, heading towards Salt Lake City. The mountains begin to show in earnest now, and we saw a lot of red rock. I snapped these at the rest stop about 25 miles east of Salt Lake City.


The Great Salt Lake was very blue and seemed to go in forever. In this photo it is difficult to tell where the lake ends and the mountains begin!


We decided to keep driving since it was only 5:00pm, so crossed the Great Salt Desert, which is 60 miles of white salt. At the very end is the Bonneville Race Track, where many of the land speed records have been set. I would hate to cross that in the heat of summer!


As I gazed at the country side, I couldn’t help but think about the pioneers crossing much of the same areas in wagons, managing only 20 miles each day! What stamina and determination they had to go west! By contrast, we put in a 12 hour day and drove 800 miles!¬†