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A Friday Finish

It’s the end of an era! I have just finished my 4th and final Splendid Sampler lap quilt! I was a little tired of individualized quilt blocks, and finally decided to give this one an overall pattern so I could be done. I did a bit of a meandering crescent, and I don’t think it is too distracting. Guess it’s too late to change my mind!

It seems like I’ve been working on this for a very long time, and I suppose it has been, since I began piecing back in late July last year. Well, it is finished, and I am even going to enter it in the county fair today. It will be fun to see if there are any other Splenderettes out in the county.😄

Have a great weekend everyone!


Splendid C is a Wrap!

I spent two afternoons during our camp out tying knots on Splendid C. There were so many…not my favorite part, but I couldn’t believe how much nicer the quilt looked with all the threads taken care of! That nasty task finished, I was ready to do the binding, with some very cool fabric I picked up at the Quilt Connection in Rapid City. 

I opted not to do bias binding, hoping that some of the words would show around the finished quilt. With a little forethought I managed to get the sides positioned in a way that the words that showed were easily read.

I added a few buttons to some blocks that seemed to need them, and added a little more quilting here and there. An evening of hand stitching finished the binding, and this one is ready to ship off to my State Fair hosts of 22 years, Jim and Brenda! Enjoy!


Quilty Goodness

Lap quilt # 3 is officially on its way; the walking foot action around each block is complete. I am thinking about doing a wave thing on the borders with the walking foot, so will complete that before starting on the free motion work. I will likely then set this one aside while I work on my dress and coat for Girl#2’s graduation, and then finish it off. Looking at the blocks, I have not yet been exceedingly inspired with FMQ ideas, so it may be time to tour around and see what others have done.


I have no real deadline for this, I had intended to take it with me to the State Fair and gift it to my hostess of 23 years. Long story short, our State Fair is hosted by a small town that had too few hotel rooms. I ended up in a private home after losing my hotel reservation due to maternity leave, and never looked back. Now that I won’t be at the State Fair, I’ll just send it sometime this summer. However, our local quilt show is coming up…maybe that would be a way to encourage me to move it along sooner!

Stay tuned….

A Splendid Finish!

And here is Splendid Sampler #2 complete with binding and ready for its new home! Hurrah!

A few close ups….here are my traced feathers, not too bad for my first attempt.

I was really pleased with the improvement in my stitch consistency, and I tried a lot of different things. I chickened out and did piano keys for the final border, but I think it looks fine, and I think the back shows the variety of the quilting. 😊

On to Number 3!

Where’s that quilt?

Some things are so worth the wait, and some things just take a long time. This quilt fits into both, I hope. It is indeed taking forever, mainly because I messed up my Necchi and had to send it to the shop…I forgot to bring the power cord, so it sat for a week until I got back over there with it, and I’ve been waiting…and waiting⌛️

I have not been idle…I attached the walking foot to Girl #2’s machine after hauling it up from the basement, (and cleaning it) and started stitching in the ditch around each block. I have since moved on to blocks that had straight line work or gentle curves, but the going is slow. The walking foot likes to work loose and then we lose a needle, etc. I finally have that under control, but now I have run out of blocks to do using the walking foot. 😡

Still no word on Miss Necchi, so now have some choices to make….I can put this one aside and sandwich number 3 to start sewing around those blocks, practice drawing feathers, start some piecework, or I can attempt to set up Miss Janome here with a FMQ foot and see what happens……

FMQ foot it is! (Well I did try drawing feathers…disaster! So now I am tracing them over and over, maybe that will release my inner chicken or whatever I need to make them look remotely close to feathers….) 😁 

Meanwhile, I’ve tried a little meandering, 

some little hearts I drew on,


an all over random scroll, 

some stippling (sort of), 

and some echo work.

Things are looking up! It amazes me how quick it is to FMQ a block versus outlining with the walking foot! Hopefully SS#2 will soon be ready  for binding. 


Splendid Lap Quilt #2

Last week I worked on a diagram and plan for the quilting oDSCN0671[1]n my second lap quilt made from Splendid Sampler blocks 26-50. I struggle with what to do for each block, so I think this will help me finish more quickly, and maybe make me braver about trying new FMQ techniques. I also wanted something fairly big to keep me occupied for a few days, especially if winter returns again!

I am planning to sandwich this and do the anchoring with Girl#2’s machine while mine is in the shop getting the tension spring put back together…yes, I took it apart and couldn’t get it back together, so now I have to wait for the FMQ.🙄

I am going to really work on my stitch length this time, and try to improve my consistency, as well as be meticulous about stitching “in the ditch.” My goal is to have it completed within a week, so we’ll see how that goes!  


Friday Finish!!

After losing steam for awhile, I finally have a finish! The first of four lap quilts using Splendid Sampler blocks is finished! I was able to deliver it to the recipient during lunch, so it’s not even hanging out in my sewing room anymore. Possible more sandwiching this weekend…