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A Birthday Shawl

About a month ago I decided that I would like to knit a shawl for my MIL for her birthday. I looked around Pinterest and Ravelry, and found the Reyna shawl, which was a free down load designed by Noora Laivola. The shawl took one Hank (100 g) of fingering weight yarn and wasn’t  super fancy, just a simple pattern and an easy knit.

I ordered my yarn, Stroll tonal by KnitPicks, which is 75% merino wool and 25% nylon. I selected the eucalyptus color way and it arrived shortly after Memorial Day.

The knitting went fairly well, though I did have to frog  a section twice because I got off. The pattern was really easy, but every once in awhile I would forget to do my yarn overs, and then I would be off. I had hoped to finish over the weekend, so I could block it on Monday and get it I’m the mail in Tuesday. MIL will be 81 while we are in CA for Girl#2’s graduation, so I wanted to get it mailed early.

I was able to block it on Monday, and finished it off with a long letter and a home made card.  A shout out to Helen over at Stitching Granny, who does Monday Mojo with cards, and helped me to see what I could do with some special papers!

Caught by the Yarn Gremlin!

The yarn gremlin infected my iPad, and last week it filled my shopping cart with all sorts of goodies…uh oh!  In my defense, many of the buys are for gifts, but there were a few things added, just because I wanted them. This week I had a lovely 6 pound box of yarny goodness delivered to my door! Let’s peek and see if you too need a visit by this happy gremlin. 

The first project, which is why I even looked…..is on the needles and coming along nicely. I need to finish it this week so it can be sent to Kansas next Monday, so it arrives in time for MIL’s birthday. Lots to get done this week, but it will be good “exercise” for me to have some deadliness! The color is not very true below, it really is that nice green you see in my box of goodies. Ah, so much fun to squish this stuff!