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SAL Update September 17

I am pretty sure that this month I get the prize for the latest posting! It was a crazy week, getting Girl #2 on the plane for Rome, then finishing the orchestra tour, canning,  piano students, canning, MIWW contest followed by a weekend trip to Minneapolis for a Suzuki class!

There’s not been much progress, mainly because I had to frog…it happens in hardanger, there is no escaping it, for me at least.

So, here was my progress last time….


And here is where I am now. I know the lighting is pretty terrible, but sometimes that makes it easier to see the stitching.


And, a closer view of the corner:


I have worked out my troubles now, so I think things will again move along. I just need to sit down to THIS project everyday for just a bit.

I encourage you to go look at what everyone else has  been up to, I know there are several finishes today, and the pieces are quite wonderful! Enjoy a stitch blog hop at these wonderful sites! A warm welcome to our new member, Jackie!


SAL Update August 27

It is time for the three week check in for our SAL group! We all work on our own projects, so these days are always inspiring as we share our progress on a wide variety of needle work happening all over the world! I highly recommend a visit to these blogs; you are guaranteed entertainment, amazement and even a few giggles as we share our stitching from the past three weeks.

Avis,ClaireGunCaroleLucyAnnKateJessSueConstanzeDebbieroseChristina MargaretCindyHelenStephLindaCatherineMary Margaret,TimothyHeidiConnie

Here is where I was last time:

And here’s where I am now. Not tons of progress this time, but I’m still happy with where I am overall. I was a bit distracted by finishing some exhibits for the County Fair, but I’m glad I completed them or prepped them as the case may be. More on that later this week, after they have all come home!

My goal for this next session is to either do all the centers or get one side of the final border done.


SAL Aug 5

In addition to the great news from Nordic Needle allowing me to enter this into their annual contest, I made some excellent stitching progress this month. I am nearly finished with the second round of Kloster blocks! Here is where I was last check in.

And here is where I am now.

Check out what everyone else is up to, and welds two new members, Heidi and Connie.

AvisClaireGunCaroleLucyAnnKateJessSueConstanzeDebbieroseChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHelenStephLindaCatherineMary MargaretTimothyHeidi and Connie.

SAL July 16

It’s already SAL time again! Our group of stitching enthusiasts work at our own pace, on our own pieces. We use our three week check in to help us stay on task, and keep progressing on our individual pieces. We live all over the world, and welcome new folks. If you would like to join, contact Avis, is the communications lead for the group.

I am reproducing a copy of a hardanger piece my grandmother stitched as a teen/ young woman in Norway. The original is over 100 years old, and in wonderful shape. I am planning to enter this piece in the Nordic Needle contest next spring, if they will accept it. (I didn’t design the piece, so they may decline it, but I’m hoping they will accept it in my Grandmother’s name.) I entered a piece for the experience last year, and of course I didn’t make the finals, but I recently learned that I will receive a copy of the winner’s patterns, which is even better!😍

Enough on the back story….

Here is where I was:

Here’s where I am now! Yes, I actually worked on this in the car on the way home from our recent camping trip, though I waited until we got to town and could make sure my hands were CLEAN!

I am closing in on the second round; it is going much faster than I expected, and best of all no major ripping!! Last time so many asked bout the original, I’m including a photo here.

I encourage to visit the rest of our group, and see all the amazing things that people are working on.

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SAL Update – June 25

Welcome to the Stitch Along hosted by Avis and company! We are an eclectic group of stitchers that work on individual projects and use the SAL as a way to keep our momentum, and encourage each other. I love this group! We live all around the world, so check back throughout the day to see what everyone has been working on!

My current project is to recreate my Grandmother’s hardanger piece, created between 1895 and 1905, when she was a teen/young lady living near Mo i Rana, Norway. It measures 25 inches square, and I expect I’ll be working on it for a long time.

Last update, I had barely started, so no photo…(imagine a white cloth)

I have made some progress. I did not bring it during our recent trek to California, because I have learned the hard way, that stitching hardanger in the car is NOT a good idea! It doesn’t look like a lot of stitches, because that first square requires a lot of checking, counting and following of threads across the gap, to make certain the threads will match. I was pretty excited when I came around the final corner, and was on the money!

So, here’s my progress!


Check out what everyone else has been working on with these links.

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SAL UPdate-June 4

I am doing a happy dance here, because my second barn cross stitch is complete, and we will soon have a delightful set hanging downstairs in the family room! It would have been framed, but the matching mat had to be ordered and will be ready on Monday.

So here is my completed piece sans frame:


What is next for my SAL stitching project? Hardanger! I’m going to make a copy of the table covering my Grandma stitched before she was married. It is probably 100 years old, and is in great shape. One little area needs repair, and I will take care of that while working on mine. Here is her work, stitched on 25 or 26 count even weave.


I didn’t bother with a picture of where I am now, because I have a whopping 20 stitches in, and being white on white, it’s too hard to see in the fading light! Next time!
Please take a few minute to visit the other members of this large group of stitching enthusiasts. We all choose what we wish to work on, so the variety is quite spectacular! If you are interested in joining, contact Avis.

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SAL May 14

While I hadn’t thought I had made much progress, I was happily surprised when I pulled up the photo from our last update three weeks ago!
Here I was then:

And here I am today:

In this SAL we don’t all work on the same thing, so there is a variety of techniques and styles to enjoy. Do take a minute to enjoy some of the other projects, there’s a whole lot of stitching going on with this group!

Susan MargaretCindyHelenStephLindaCatherine, Wendy, Mary Margaret and Timothy.

We all extend our heartfelt best wishes to one of our members, Susan, who will have surgery on Monday. I know that she would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.