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Photo Challenge – Fold

It took me all day and three tries, but I finally have my photo for today’s challenge. YouTube is amazing, as you all know!


I tried with some heavier large paper, nope! I tried again with printer paper, nope! Finally I remembered I had some odds and ends of wrapping paper, and that worked, just barely! I think that these cute little animals require the use of real origami paper to look good, but I am happy with my little guy!




Photo Challenge-Thrift

Yesterday provided the perfect illustration of thrift. I participated in an open house hosted by the area home schooling group, and of course, they had a theme…I don’t do themes, and designing displays makes my stomach hurt! Enter Girl #2, who doesn’t have enough to do these days! Sunday afternoon we built this display using things we found around the house. The only purchase was some candy in the bowl. She had a vision, and I was able to handle the mechanics of it. (I can do some really cool stuff if I don’t have to also provide the design!) So, I think this is a good illustration of Thrift.


The display board is thrice used; we covered it with some ugly brown calico stuff my MIL sent years ago, but worked well for a cowboy round up theme. Red gingham is the camping table cloth…ugly stains covered by assorted table items. A bandana was cut into some of the pennant pieces, then used in the boot, and on the vase, which holds some wheat I took from the garden earlier this spring. “Saddle up” is made of twine we found in the garage and double twisted….you get the idea. Amazing what raiding the closet, a fabric stash, glue and a printer can create!

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Photo Challenge–Cross

Girl #2 posted this for Mother’s Day, citing teenage angst that started at age 2! However, 30 minutes prior the faces were reversed, and it was Girl #1 who illustrated “cross!” Yes, my girls were exceptional pouters….the entire world knew they were “cross!”

The occasion? The annual VolksMarch up Crazy Horse. Each year they open the gates and allow you to hike up and see the carving’s progress up close. That year his eyes and nose were finished. That’s the crease under one eye you can se above my head! They’ve made some progress in the past 20 years, now the arm and horse’s head are roughed out. 
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Photo Challenge–Stationary

I couldn’t resist…we call this pose “dead dog.”

Max suffered greatly last week, because it RAINED, and the temps were in the 40’s. He was grumpy, fretful, and generally miffed at the world. We did get in a walk every day, but it was obvious that he was bored.

Saturday, everything changed…the sun came out!!! It was still too wet for him to be out, but it was warm enough (mid 50’s) that I could open the front door. He was indeed STATIONARY.


For those wondering, Max is a cardigan Welsh corgi and border collie cross. He is quite a handful, because he is so smart. Boredom usually means trouble, and his favorite place to be is the backyard lying in the sun.