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SAL UPdate-June 4

I am doing a happy dance here, because my second barn cross stitch is complete, and we will soon have a delightful set hanging downstairs in the family room! It would have been framed, but the matching mat had to be ordered and will be ready on Monday.

So here is my completed piece sans frame:


What is next for my SAL stitching project? Hardanger! I’m going to make a copy of the table covering my Grandma stitched before she was married. It is probably 100 years old, and is in great shape. One little area needs repair, and I will take care of that while working on mine. Here is her work, stitched on 25 or 26 count even weave.


I didn’t bother with a picture of where I am now, because I have a whopping 20 stitches in, and being white on white, it’s too hard to see in the fading light! Next time!
Please take a few minute to visit the other members of this large group of stitching enthusiasts. We all choose what we wish to work on, so the variety is quite spectacular! If you are interested in joining, contact Avis.

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SAL May 14

While I hadn’t thought I had made much progress, I was happily surprised when I pulled up the photo from our last update three weeks ago!
Here I was then:

And here I am today:

In this SAL we don’t all work on the same thing, so there is a variety of techniques and styles to enjoy. Do take a minute to enjoy some of the other projects, there’s a whole lot of stitching going on with this group!

Susan MargaretCindyHelenStephLindaCatherine, Wendy, Mary Margaret and Timothy.

We all extend our heartfelt best wishes to one of our members, Susan, who will have surgery on Monday. I know that she would appreciate your thoughts and prayers. 

SAL April 23

Today is our three week SAL update. Do check out what everyone else is doing, because in this SAL, everyone chooses their own project! There’s a lot of inspiration and variety for sure!

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Last time I had just finished a project and so presented you all with this:


I have made some progress on this blank canvas, but the roof on this barn goes on forever!!! Too bad, because I already bought the matching frame, so forward we go. 😉

Some decent progress made, though it is still pretty sketchy.

SAL April 2

First of all, we have two new members! Welcome Mary Margaret and Tim! As always there is a wide variety of projects happening with this group; I encourage you to check out the  other sites to see what we ware all working on!

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For my report this round, I have a finish! Last time we checked in, I was here:

And here is the finished piece! I framed it yesterday and gave it to my husband as an early anniversary present. After 28 years we are both a little weathered, but still standing strong!

This is from a series called American Barns found in three issues of Cross Stitch & Country Crafts dated September 1992 through January 1993. This is the western barn, which is perfect for DH, because he was a summer rangelands technician in the Flat Tops Mountains of western Colorado during college.

To represent me, I’ll stitch the Midwestern barn, which reminds me of the barn at my uncle Thor’s in northern Minnesota. He and his brothers built it themselves with their dad in 1906, when they immigrated from Stavanger Norway. We had no big barn on our place, the milk barn was built in the 40’s and had no charm, though I do remember falling asleep with a newborn calf or two back in the day.

Afraid you can’t see much yet!😉

SAL Update March 12

It’s time for the SAL update! We are a group that stitch whatever we want, but update every three weeks. It is an excellent way to encourage others and to help yourself stay on task! I am always inspired when I visit the other folks participating.

Here’s where I was last time:


Here’s where I’ve gotten to this session:


If you are interested, contact Avis, the first link below.

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SAL Jan. 8

I finished my delft sampler in time for Christmas!!!!

Here it is: img_0956

I have a few ideas for my next project, just haven’t decided which one I want to start next, but will definitely have it figured out by our next update.

Check out all the wonderful stitchery happening with the other members of this group. They always have amazing things going on! And, welcome back Wendy, we are glad to have you back! And a warm welcome to our newest member, Catherine.

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Goals – For me, A Good Thing

Just over a year ago, I decided to get serious about this blog, with the goal of posting at least twice a month. I also wanted my free time to be more productive and I wanted to do a better job of documenting the things I made. Both of those decisions have led to a year of making new friends, learning new skills and more starts and finishes than I would have dreamed. It might be the fact that I actually have a scrap blog of the things I worked on, or it might be that I’ve  actually gotten more done. Either way works for me!!! I did write some goals for last year….quite a few got finished , and several were added….here’s my review of 2016.

Stitching: flowers triptych, wedding sampler, Delft Sampler

Quilts: 3 mini quilts, 3 Wedding quilts, Slendid Sampler blocks

Sewing: Marfy coat, bias skirt and messenger bag, a Pirate coat, Christmas pajamas, DH button down dress shirt, and DD pencil skirt (final fitting coming up!)

Knitting: cardigan, 2 pair of socks, 4 pair of mittens, and 3/4 of the way on the Skaugum sweater

It has been a productive year, and the motivation has come from you my bloggy friends! Wanting to have something to share, being inspired by what you have shared, and most of all,  your wonderful encouragement have created the momentum! So I thank you!!!

It has been a great year for me; I’ve learned, practiced, and have so appreciated how the process of making has helped me keep things (like work) in perspective. Thank you for your part in enriching my life!! On to 2017!