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Creative Finishing…or Making it Work?

Things were going so well! I have done some of my best sewing in years, and then this…..


Can you see it? My bound buttonholes are literally on the edge! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I pinned the facings, so I pulled out the pattern pieces to look again. They were correct.  I studied the markings still in view, and I have no idea what I did to make this happen (other than the obvious screw up of not marking correctly)! I admit it really took the wind out of my sails, but after sulking for a day, I gave myself a lecture and we moved on. After all, there was no fixing it, so there is nothing to do but keep going! Yes, the life lessons learned while sewing. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much experience you have…humble pie is part of the deal, thankfully not too often.

I decided a break was in order, so left the coat and moved over to the dress, which had three main pieces. I decided that I would pin baste the organza to the linen and serge the edges. Not the best way to handle it, but I needed to move a lot faster, and that would save some steps. The potential for error was there, but thankfully, no mishaps, and the small bit of overhang will disappear when I fold up the hem.


The darts were straightforward. I marked the organza , then thread basted on the drawn lines and sewed them, tying knots at the points. The invisible zipper went in smoothly, good thing, because my choices were gray or white. I  bought the gray, but didn’t really like it when I pinned it in. The smooth application made it a non issue, because it is invisible. I’ll use some nail polish on the tab to lighten it up.

The most challenging part of this dress was attaching the facing to the lining. I thread basted the curves, they were pretty crazy! I decided to top-stitch everything down once it was pressed, just to keep everything in place. Another round of crazy curves and understitching to get the armhole and neckline, as well as the back straps, which were surprisingly straightforward. Finally, I could actually put it on, and …..it fits! 😅

In between, I did bits of hand stitching of the coat, so it didn’t just languish. After a quick DSCN0917check in with the graduate to be, I gave it one more push before I called it a night and took up my knitting needles to try to finish MIL’s birthday shawl. Today I tackled the nasty business of dealing with the buttonhole facings, and have determined that of course now my buttons are not going through those holes and will have to be downsized. However, I don’t anticipate buttoning the coat next week, so I think I’ll just go ahead with my oversized buttons for now. That leaves me with only the coat lining hem and the actual dress hem. Having the silk organza will make the dress hem a snap, no worries about it showing on the right side.

So, in spite of the nasty discovery that I’d made a huge mistake, with no option to change it, I still think I have a great outfit for this coming weekend. Back to the ironing board! Next time you see it, I’ll be wearing it!



Bound Buttonholes

Bound Buttonholes

As a sewing teen, bound buttonholes were considered the mark of an advanced seamstress. Where I grew up, one didn’t do them until they got to the 4-H wool unit, which of course was preceded by mutiple units of basic skills, which took several years. I did my first bound buttonholes as a freshman in college, but I haven’t done so many that I feel like an expert…they have been spaced far apart across my life, usually reserved for suit jackets and coats. Continue reading “Bound Buttonholes”