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Photo Challenge–Cross

Girl #2 posted this for Mother’s Day, citing teenage angst that started at age 2! However, 30 minutes prior the faces were reversed, and it was Girl #1 who illustrated “cross!” Yes, my girls were exceptional pouters….the entire world knew they were “cross!”

The occasion? The annual VolksMarch up Crazy Horse. Each year they open the gates and allow you to hike up and see the carving’s progress up close. That year his eyes and nose were finished. That’s the crease under one eye you can se above my head! They’ve made some progress in the past 20 years, now the arm and horse’s head are roughed out. 
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Photo Challenge–Stationary

I couldn’t resist…we call this pose “dead dog.”

Max suffered greatly last week, because it RAINED, and the temps were in the 40’s. He was grumpy, fretful, and generally miffed at the world. We did get in a walk every day, but it was obvious that he was bored.

Saturday, everything changed…the sun came out!!! It was still too wet for him to be out, but it was warm enough (mid 50’s) that I could open the front door. He was indeed STATIONARY.


For those wondering, Max is a cardigan Welsh corgi and border collie cross. He is quite a handful, because he is so smart. Boredom usually means trouble, and his favorite place to be is the backyard lying in the sun.

Photo Challenge–Bird

I applied myself this week, and finally remembered to take the camera along on my daily walk, and found some birds to photograph!

A red-winged black bird greeting the morning quite loudly. The sun was so low that he photographed as a sihouette.

Mr. And Mrs. Wood duck out for a morning swim. There are four pair in the park this spring!

A lost baby duck, hopefully it found its parents.

The eagle carved from a tree that was killed during the Atlas Blizzard. The artist carves with a chainsaw, then uses some hand tools to add detail.

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