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Peace Sweater #8

Time for another update. There doesn’t always seem to be a lot of difference from the previous post, but these updates do keep me motivated, so  they are worthwhile in that way! I have now completed the front right side twice…I was unhappy with my short rows, and woke up with the solution, but of course, I had to frog, which isn’t nearly as traumatic after learning the easy way to do it. Simply put your needle through each stitch of the row you need to frog:

Then pull!

No lost stitches to worry about, and you are ready to try again with a minimal amount of frustration.

Good thing I have found a method without the drama, as I’m pretty certain I may have to frog the back neckline and try again. 

With frogging complete, I have this picture for my official update……

Yes, we have a completed top, assuming I leave the back neckline as is!

I have found my hardware at a place called Vermont Pewter, and have a couple of braided trims to consider too, so I’m feeling pretty happy with how things are progressing. There’s still a long way to go, but I think an August finish  may be quite possible. 😃

Peace Sweater #7

Here’s where I was…..

I took a short break from Peace, but am now back to doing a few rows each night. I have needle issues, so it has been a little inconvenient working on the back, but that is nearing completion, and things will be easier for the front. 

The pattern had a few challenges in it, especially how to handle the rows of one color, except for a few stitches in the center! I don’t think I did them to code, but think I can make it work, and  I may do a little research before I get to that point on the front.


I did come up, with a helpful tip that may be of use to some. The written instructions contain the decreases for the sleeve area, and instead of going back and forth between the chart and those written decreases, I marked them on the chart. It worked great, especially since I was able to double check that I would end up with the correct number of stitches before I even started! Why it took me this long to figure that out, I have no idea, but I’ll certainly use it again!

Now I am ready to bind off the center back and finish the shoulders, so am working through the mysteries of the short row. I think I finally can see how it will develop in my mind, so will give it a try tonight, and see how it goes! I am excited to turn my attention to the front, and not be fighting with my needles all the time. I never did solve my straight needles dilemma, so made do with my two pair of circulars. Oh well, it’s over now, so I got through. 🙂



Charity Hats

I am cleaning the house, and one of the “piles” I happened across while setting my sewing room to rights after dumping the boxes from office in there, was a pile of left over yarns. I used some to make a hat earlier in the year, and decided that it was just what I needed for an evening project or two or three. While I don’t care much for this yarn, it does make warm hats, and the darker and brighter colors won’t show dirt quickly, so it seems like a good solution. I won’t let it go to waste, and it will make some nice warm hats for next winter.

The first one is modified from a free pattern I found on Knitpicks by Allison Griffith, the Evergreeen Cap, #55670, available here.  I put a ribbed band on it, and adjusted the length accordingly. I wanted something different to do, so tried the cables, and they were just enough to give me some practice without making me nuts. 
The second is a remake of the red, white and blue one I did earlier. I wasn’t sure if I would be happy with the color combo, but I think it is going to look pretty good! This is my adaptation of Emily Ringelman’s Glacier Peak Hat free from KnitPicks, here.

Now I’m nearly finished with this navy blue one, only the decreases left.

I’m thinking maybe red one next, with just a bit of stripes or checkerboard to break it up. These go pretty quickly, and I am getting rid of a bunch of yarn that I never bought, but seemed to acquire. That will empty out one of my yarn baskets for something I actually picked out! 


Peace Sweater #6

Drum roll, please….I have finished Diagram C!!!!!! The sweater is no longer just the body, but is now separated into Front and Back. I’m working the back first, and debating about finding some 2.5 mm regular needles. The stitch count will run at 135, anyone have an opinion on straight or round?

I’ve been using the two pair of circular needles I have, and it’s OK, but not great, since one is about 16 inches and the other is sleeve size. I haven’t found any online sources for 2.5 mm (2 1/2 on my Norwegian package). I tried a row with my 3’s and I could feel the difference, so not sure I want to go that route.

I am also very happy to change colors, the yellow highlighter was difficult to see in the evening lamp light. I opted for blue this round. 😄 I have worked 10 more rows on chart D, but it is slower for me working the pattern while purling. 

I have also found a mystery knit along, called the Knitterati Afghan,that is 30 10 inch knitted blocks over the next year, to celebrate Cascade Yarns’ 30th anniversary. I may use it as a break from Peace, depending on how I’m feeling. Find the link here. I first found it poking around on Ravelry. 

Pattern:  Peace by Dale of Norway DG1501

Yarn: KnitPicks Stroll in white and wonderland heather

Peace Sweater #5

I have made good progress this past week, and have come to the point where the front and back are no longer the same. I am also 2/3 of the way up diagram C, and working another set of roses, which are my favorite motifs thus far. I am back to adding stitches; this pattern is a more fitted sweater and actually has a little bit of a curve to the sides.

Here’s where I was the last time I posted:

I have nearly finished my second skein of white yarn, and will be looking forward to a new color to mark my  new chart.

Here’s my latest photo:


I think that my tension is still holding pretty well. There’s a little bit of wrinkling in some of the areas, but I think that a steam treatment will take care of most of that, and if not, I can do a regular blocking treatment.

Pattern: Dale of Norway Peace Sweater DG 1501


Yarn: Stroll fingering in white and wonderland heather by Knitpicks

A Change of Pace

No Wednesday update on the Peace sweater this week. I’ve done some rows, but the stress of the past few weeks has dampened my creativity, and many of my big projects have been languishing a bit. So, to give myself a boost, I opted to cast on a dish cloth. They are normally quick, and this one is actually staying at my house! I found this faux honeycomb pattern here, and have enjoyed watching it grow.

The color on this is actually a mid-tone navy instead of this dull gray, but the iPad camera did capture the great texture created from this pattern. I am excited to give this dish cloth a workout. I’ve heard rave reviews about homemade cotton ones, but have never had one of my own. Guess we’ll find out!

Peace Sweater # 4

I didn’t post last week, though I did knit. I was accompanying the 7th graders from a local middle school for their solo contest on Wednesday, so had some early mornings for practices at the school. That, and last week’s stress crimped my evening mojo a bit!

As I study my work so far, I am pretty pleased. There’s only a slight amount of wrinkling across the body, so I think that it will steam up/ block very easily. 

I was here:

Now I am here:

The big news is that I have completed Diagram B and have a solid start on Diagram C. I  celebrated with a new color of highlighter. I must say making a copy of the diagram and using the highlighter has eliminated all those “Where am I now?” Moments, and helped me a BUNCH! Isn’t is funny how a very simple thing can really make a difference?

Pattern: Dale of Norway Peace Sweater DG 1501

Yarn: Stroll fingering in white and wonderland heather by Knitpicks