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Transition Land–The Benefit of Hard Labor, Etc.

Yes I was a weepy girl a couple of weeks ago…the cure was some more time, and a lot of hard labor, and probably a big dose of sunshine☀️. I couldn’t tell you if one is more necessary than the other, they are too interrelated. Or, maybe its the satisfaction from nearly finishing a huge job. First, I must credit DH, because he did the heavy lifting…literally! We were both exhausted, and filthy,  but we managed to complete the most important tasks before the rain began again this past week, and in spite of horrible weather, my spirits are excellent. The fence is up and only the door is left!


In fact, I haven’t really thought about my old career these past two weeks! Conclusion: I have either turned the corner or have finally embraced a summer vacation. I don’t really care which at this moment, I am just pleased to be content. I know I am, because I’ve spent the past two rainy days in the sewing room, and I don’t usually sew more advanced stuff unless I am in a good place mentally. Quilting is therapy, but garment construction, for me, requires a different mood. I have also begun turning over new projects in my mind, which is another healthy sign, as is an interest in experimenting in the kitchen.

Yes, I have more BIG TASKS on my list, but as I have caught up over the past month, those big tasks are getting more manageable. Now we are down to things like washing the curtains and washing the outside windows. Oh yes, and cleaning out the linen closet.

Outside, there is huge pile of firewood to move, and then yard renovation. I have waged war on the dandelions in the front yard, and at the moment, I am winning! And the nasty pile you see in the first picture, well it has been re-purposed; the materials have all been put to use and this space is going to become the new woodpile/privacy hedge. That means that there will be some shaded lawn in the backyard again, which makes me very happy.


Still a ways to go, but we will be done by the weekend I think! In retrospect, I believe that all that manual labor was exactly what I needed, along with the satisfaction of seeing a big change in our backyard.

Surprise Mail

Yesterday I went out to get the mail, and there was a lovely surprise for me all the way from France! Thank you Claire for the unbirthday gifts!

Claire sent me a wonderful blue fabric tray, monogrammed no less, and a fabulous French magazine with cross stitch designs and a wonderful article about historical costume sewing. My childhood friend will be stopping by later this summer, and I will have her read it to me, since she is fluent in French, or I’ll have Girl #2 give it a go…with her Latin and Italian she will be able to give me the gist! 

I was so surprised and delighted by Claire’s gifts, which came right when I needed a lift! So, merci beaucoup, mon amie! (I hope that’s correct, high school French class was a LONG time ago!)

Transition Land–Healing a Heart

Ugh! I thought I was doing pretty well with this transition thing. I was keeping busy, being productive, and was even starting to think about the future and my thoughts for it. Then we hit the weekend of my big 4-H event, and every time I turned around I was leaking tears. What? I thought I was over this. After some contemplation I realized that maybe my brain had refused to deal with the finality of things until this past week, or maybe my brain knew my heart just wasn’t yet ready to start dealing with it.

Gosh I hate it when I get all emotional…that is just not me, but I found myself in tears while walking the dog, at the Ladies Retreat last weekend, even on Monday when a volunteer called me for advice about his daughter’s competitive goals, and when I wrote my original co-workers to explain …GEEZ! The retreat, by the way was focused on the this passage and did speak to my heart! It was very encouraging.😊

The reality is that I’m enjoying being home, and I am not missing having to go to work. I hear things about my boss and can only shake my head and think what a relief to not have to deal with him. I am not bored, and now that we have good weather, I have plenty of things to work on outdoors, which I have never been able to, so I guess I am just impatient! How long does it take for one’s heart to catch up with one’s head? Or maybe it was the final blast of winter and all those cloudy wet days last week? 

This weekend was filled with hard labor (as in 3 tons worth!) and lots of sun, which seems to have chased whatever away. I have plenty of chores to keep me busy this week, with more compost needing to be moved and other smaller jobs so that DH can spend his time setting the fence posts.  Physical labor is therapeutic, or maybe exhaustion keeps one from having a pity party! So after a not great week, I’m back to my regular self for now.

So Heart, please take note, your owner has too much life to live to waste time moping! 

I’ll leave you with some before and after shots of the garden makeover, confident  that my heart will see a similar improvement in the not too distant future!

Morning Walk Anyone?

I live on a dead end street, that didn’t start that way. In 1972 just over 15 inches of rain fell in about 6 hours over  the Rapid Creek watershed, and the result was one of the most deadly floods in the Midwest, with 243 souls lost.  In the aftermath, the 100 year flood plain was declared off limits for residential housing. My house sits across the street from this boundary, so the street was never rebuilt, and the result is an island of 12 homes that were allowed to remain. This island has a 1.5 lane street to get us to the main street, and is now mostly surrounded by the second 9 holes of the city golf course.

Will you join me for my morning walk with Max?

I seldom tire of this walk, because it is different every single day! If you could hear the birds in the morning…oh my! A joyous time of day!

Thanks for joining me….by the way, we just covered 1.6 miles, so you have gotten a great dose of exercise.

Transition land–Moving Forward

Do I have a new job–no!

Have I started looking–no!

Do I have a clue about the future–not so much!

So what am I doing? Well, not a lot actually, and that is OK right now! I have accomplished a few things…I am finished with the last work project, and my house is getting cleaner by the week, which to me is a NECESSARY task. I’ve opted not to do spring cleaning; instead I am tackling a not pleasant job each day in the assigned room. It’s working, and probably driving DH a little crazy, but he’ll get over it!😘

The first BIG TASK is in a good spot…after all, I can only ask DH to do so much sorting, but the library is looking 100% better, and I have moved on to some other significant sections in the basement. By the end of the summer it will be in Better Homes & Gardens order (joking!!, but it will be better organized).

So what’s the next BIG TASK? The backyard and gardens….they look neglected and here are the photos to prove it. So, why share this? Motivation!  Saturday I decide was the day to get out and start. DH will be in on this big time, but there are things that I can do that will move us forward and will be a nice surprise for him…besides Miss Necchi is still  in the shop and Max wants to be outside, so I might as well hang out with him! 

The Before pictures showing the nasty winter just ended, get out there situation:

The result of Saturday’s efforts:


Yes this would correspond with photos 1 and 4 above. Still lots to do, obviously, but I got a pretty big grin out of  DH when he returned home, and we continued together on Monday, and ended up here, which correspond with photos 3 & 4 above. The next nice day will have me out with Max working on my iris beds.😍

So, while I figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, I’m busy organizing and improving my space without spending a nickel, although a few nickels may be involved at some future date!😊

He is Risen…

Not everyone believes as I do, but today is the most important day of the year to me, so I will shout it from the rooftop…Jesus is alive! He took God’s punishment for our falling short of perfection, and, because he was perfect, conquered death. Satan couldn’t keep Him in Hell, so He rose from the dead! What does that mean for you, me and everyone else? We can accept Jesus’ gift to us, turn away from sin, and from that moment on, we are justified before God.

Doesn’t mean that we don’t screw up, (sometimes in a big way), but that instead of God seeing our screw ups and imperfection, He sees us covered by Jesus’ perfection and blood atonement. That my friends, is what I believe.

So what about all those hypocrite Christians you know and can’t reconcile? Frankly, while they may call themselves Christians, if they don’t act like Jesus, maybe they believe that Jesus died and rose again, but they have not turned away from sin. Maybe. I can’t presume to know their heart, but just because they say they are, doesn’t mean they are. People who have turned from sin want to be like Jesus, and that usually causes them to act like Him. If you express concern to them that they aren’t, they are usually appalled with themselves, not you! Just saying!

So, on this most special day, I wish you all the blessing of knowing Jesus personally this year. Thanks for allowing me to say what I believe. Hugs to each of you!

28 Years!

Yep, it’s our anniversary! And it is especially significant because now I have been married to DH more than half my life! I feel especially blessed, because though our life together is probably not what we would have expected, I can’t imagine being anywhere else! We are usually pretty low key, but we are planning to go out for a meal, and if the weather is nice, we may venture up into the Black Hills for a jaunt early this afternoon.

So, in a mad moment of nostalgia, I will share a couple of “vintage” photos…we looked so young!