SAL Aug 5

In addition to the great news from Nordic Needle allowing me to enter this into their annual contest, I made some excellent stitching progress this month. I am nearly finished with the second round of Kloster blocks! Here is where I was last check in.

And here is where I am now.

Check out what everyone else is up to, and welds two new members, Heidi and Connie.

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40 thoughts on “SAL Aug 5

    1. One section at a time, and it’s very repetitive, so once you get your pattern it goes pretty easily. There’s some little pulling stitches coming up I’m not 100% sure of, so I’m ignoring them at the moment!


    1. Welcome Connie, and thanks so much! The news from NN was truly inspiring, so I am motivated to have this ready to photograph by February. I think it is possible, but if not this year, then next.


    1. Thanks! I do well with it in natural day light, so I can work on it in the living room or the dining room, depending on the light. That, and not trying to do more than one length of thread at a time keeps away the eye strain. So far, so good!

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  1. The Sal piece is growing beautifully Kathy. I have been having a quick peep at your other posts whilst scrolling down to play catch up with the Sal, and the Norwegian sweater is STUNNING – I love the shaping of it and the neckline and cuffs, bet you are itching to wear it. The other thing that caught my eye was your bread making. Years since I made bread, but the kneeding of the dough is the best therapy I know – you really work out all your frustrations with that lol.

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    1. Thanks Helen! Confession time—zero progress on the hardanger since the last SAL, and I am itching to put on the sweater but not until after the fair which starts next week. Kneading is indeed one of the best therapies ever!


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