A Friday Finish!

I will share more details on these cute little bags next week. This one goes to Isabella, who will complete her Suzuki Book 1 Piano recital tonight! She likes sunset colors and periwinkle. I think I needed Margaret’s stash to help me out, but after a trip to Hobby Lobby I came home with this great seagull sunset fabric, which I think she will like.

Lots of great finishes posted today, it has been so motivating to see so many cool things completed this week!

Happy Friday!


34 thoughts on “A Friday Finish!

    1. I don’t know where or when I got that, but it is a simple way to remind them of their achievement! All those ribbons are a great way to use up leftovers I kept from when the girls were little. 😄

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    1. The pattern is really just right for this occasion, and the girls (now to come up with something for the elementary boys…..) 😳. I was pretty happy to find the seagull and paisley, because periwinkle doesn’t seem to be very prevalent this year.


  1. Ooooo…I’m a former elementary general music teacher, and I’m jealous of Isabella. I hope she had a wonderful recital experience.

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  2. That fabric print is gorgeous!! What a thoughtful way to reward your students!! You are teaching them more than piano Kathy – you’re teaching them to be good people too. Well done!! 😀

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