Good News, Good News!

Two things have happened this week and I wanted to share them with you all, who have been such great encouragers to me!

First, I have been working on reproducing a piece of hardanger that my grandmother stitched 100 years ago. I have been hoping to enter it in the Nordic Needle contest next spring, but the rules require the designer to sign the initial photo entry. I decided to write them this week, explaining that I wished to enter the design crediting my Grandma, but if I happened to be selected for the final judging, it would be my reproduction (and stitching) going to Fargo. I hoped to hear in a week or two….they wrote back within a couple of hours and this is what they said…

This sounds amazing! Yes, we would definitely be fine with having the copy you produce from the piece. If it became a winning piece, we would attribute the design to your grandmother, but would want to make sure when you’re writing the biography that you include your role in the reproduction. What a fantastic project!

Please let us know if you have any other questions at all. We look forward to your entry!

I am so excited…and motivated!

My second happy dance is because this week I was invited to do an open house in August, highlighting  my piano lessons, and as of this evening, I have acquired five new students. That’s 3/5 of my goal of 25 total, and it isn’t even August yet. Feeling very blessed in Rapid City!


46 thoughts on “Good News, Good News!

  1. That’s great! The Nordic Needle people are so smart to be flexible about the hardanger–they’d miss out if they applied their rules too stringently. And of course people want their kids to have piano lessons from you! You’ll be turning students away soon . . .

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  2. Wow Kathy, lovely to get such brilliant news regarding your stitching and Congratulations on the new students. Word of mouth is the best of advertisements and I am sure you will soon have your full quote and have a dilemma deciding if you can stretch the time requirements to fit some of those that start to appear on your waiting list. I am so pleased and happy for you. xx

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  3. This is awesome news Kathy! You must be so proud! I’m sure you’ll do great with your stitching, it looks amazing already and you’ve got so many students already it’s great! 😘

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