Photo Challenge -Cache

I was hoping to locate something a little more exciting…but in the winter time, it is really nice to NOT have to drive in the snow and ice because your cache has everything you need.😄


14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge -Cache

    1. We are fortunate in that regard! We lived our first 12 years of marriage in a 950 sq. ft. duplex before we bought this house, which is 2400 sq. ft. The glories of a full basement and an old fashioned kitchen!

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  1. I love your cache!!! I’ve never been brave enough to give canning a go – I’m afraid I’ll botulize my family. I’m sure that botulize isn’t a word but you know what I mean. Any advice for someone that’s afraid of canning??? 😀

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    1. I actually have taught kids how to can, so I do! I think the easiest place to start is with fruit, because it has a higher sugar content, which is a preservative of sorts. Also, because of the sugar, if you had a bad jar, it would be noticeable! Also, fruit can be hot water bathed, and that is a pretty simple, no fail procedure for someone like you, who is well acquainted with her stove!

      Finally, start with the USDA canning guides, which guarantee you have safe recipes, and lots of helps and hints too. Georgia, North Dakota and Utah are the three national clearing houses. Their University Extension services are the ones who manage the continued research and updating of the guides. We are at altitude, so we use Utah.

      Some people would say start with jam or jelly, but I still get a little nervy about the full rolling boil, put the pectin in, and boil exactly…but if you area candy maker that would be old hat.

      **Do make sure you have REAL canning jars…they will always say Ball, Kerr, etc. and I think wide mouths are the easiest to work with. Real canning jars have glass tempered to handle the pressure of the sealing process.

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      1. Thanks Kathy!!! I did a little bit of reading up on it last year but all of the warnings about not doing it right were what really put me off. It’s crazy because I used to help my mother and my aunts when they would make jars and jars full of pickallily (sp?) relish and pickles and tons of other things but it was more they would give me a task and I would do it not really questioning anything. So I knew the basic concepts but none of the details. Of course they had been canning since they were able to crawl probably and never followed any written recipes. Or the recipes would be vague at best without any specific instructions. So it was one of those things that I didn’t even realize that there could be dangerous consequences. Like cooking with a pressure cooker. I used to just throw things into the pressure cooker years ago and never thought about it until I saw an article once about the possible dangers of using one – I haven’t used one since!!! I will do more research and maybe see if I can find some posts about canning (hint hint). Until then I do have some yummy recipes for refrigerator pickles that are no fail and no fuss. 😀

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      2. Pressure canning is a different game for sure, but all of it is simply a matter of following directions. The big thing about pressure cooking is to not rush the cool down, and of course watch your gauge. My canner has a weighted top, which is what I grew up with, and I think is safer/easier. The weight starts to jiggle when the correct poundage is reached, allowing excess pressure to escape, so no worries about letting it explode. But if you grew up with the other you are used to watching it, and as long as you have the gauge tested regularly you are fine!

        I did a post on canning peaches last year, but it wasn’t meant as instructions, so I’ll see about a more guided approach!

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