Splendid C is a Wrap!

I spent two afternoons during our camp out tying knots on Splendid C. There were so many…not my favorite part, but I couldn’t believe how much nicer the quilt looked with all the threads taken care of! That nasty task finished, I was ready to do the binding, with some very cool fabric I picked up at the Quilt Connection in Rapid City. 

I opted not to do bias binding, hoping that some of the words would show around the finished quilt. With a little forethought I managed to get the sides positioned in a way that the words that showed were easily read.

I added a few buttons to some blocks that seemed to need them, and added a little more quilting here and there. An evening of hand stitching finished the binding, and this one is ready to ship off to my State Fair hosts of 22 years, Jim and Brenda! Enjoy!



23 thoughts on “Splendid C is a Wrap!

    1. After 22 years of holding MY room for me in the basement, no less so I could deal with the heat and humidity, they definitely deserve it, and since Jim and all three of their boys served in the army, red, white and blue seems appropriate!

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