Fantastic Bake Along

Thanks to Emma from Emma Crafts Design for the recipe for this month’s Fantastic Bake Along—Quiche. I had to make a trip to the grocery store, so we had our quiche tonight for dinner. There is a definite advantage to being one of the last to post; you can see everyone’s modifications, and change your recipe accordingly!

I stuck with Emma’s basic pastry recipe, using my Betty Crocker cook book to find some American measures in the same proportion. I did decide to try the olive oil instead of butter, so added a bit more flour as advised by Betty Crocker. However, I thought my crust was a bit on the dry side and a little difficult to work with. I ended up rolling it between waxed paper.

For the quiche, the big experiment was trying some of our dehydrated eggs instead of all fresh. I added the requisite water to them early this afternoon, so they would have plenty of time to reconstitute (about 3 hours).  My plan was to try half dehydrated and half fresh, and see how that affected the taste and texture. I also added some spinach and kale, (Girl #2’s influence) because I didn’t have lots of bacon. Finally, we went with our favorite, cheddar cheese.

35 minutes in the oven, and we were ready to enjoy!


I am happy to report that no one could discern that the eggs were different from fresh! I was a little worried, because the reconstituted eggs do seem a little bit grainy, so I really wondered it that would be the case after baking, but happily the texture was identical to quiches where I have use all fresh eggs. A good thing to know if we ever end up having to use emergency rations for a period of time. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Fantastic Bake Along

  1. Oh my goodness this looks yummy! Did you dehydrate your own eggs? That would be crazy! I wouldn’t be surprised though, you are a Wonder Woman:). I so enjoy baking with you. Next month can be your turn to be star baker:). If you have a fantastic recipe you would like us to try, just let me know sometime in the next few weeks and I will send it out.❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Tracy, DH is the dehydrator, and yes, these were extras from when we had six chickens last summer.😄 I was really excited to discover the texture was exactly right, because I thought it might be a stretch to use them in an egg dish.

      I have a few thoughts on recipes…DH has a killer bread recipe, or we have a great New Mexico style beef enchilada recipe, I’ll look at our favorites, or I could look at something a little sweeter. Your thoughts?

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      1. Your DH is amazing! If he ever does it again, I hope you will post about it, I would love to see how he does it:)

        I am in need of a killer bread recipe…but enchiladas, I am from Arizona:). It’s a good thing we each will have multiple times to be the star baker because I want to try everything ❤️!

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  2. Looks very yummy Kathy! I can’t wait until my oven is fixed. I get the benefit of being able to use everyone else’s tips and ingredients when I finally get a chance to make this! 😀

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