Mountain Vistas

Mountain Vistas

The Big Horn Mountains contain wonderful high meadows, forests and snow at the tops of the highest peaks. During our camping trip we enjoyed the cooler temperatures and the wonderful vistas. I especially loved the variety of the mountain flora. Click any photo for a larger picture.

We did some hiking, and enjoyed some gorgeous views, especially during the hike into the Cloud Peak Wilderness.



There were some incredible trout fishing areas here, though neither of us fish. We just enjoyed the gorgeous scenery!

We were also treated to some interesting wildlife. The chipmunks and squirrels enjoyed teasing Max, driving him to distraction at times. I was able to capture one cheeky squirrel who had no fear.


But the best was seeing Mama Moose and her baby one afternoon. They were just across the road from our campsite, browsing along the river.

It was a welcome respite from the hot days in Rapid City, where temperatures have been in the mid to upper 90’s (35-37 Celsius) for a week, and are expected to continue indefinitely, with no rain.

We camped at two different places, one very near a bubbling creek, which Max the dog LOVED. He kept hopping in and laying in it, then chasing squirrels, hopping in again, etc. We finally had to put him on his chain so that he would dry off before bed time! The second was at a Forest Service campsite, which had the standard picnic table, trash, bathrooms and potable water. We have a Berkey water filter, so we have the option of camping anywhere there is a water source. (We use it at home too, to remove many of the chemicals from the city water.)

We have a great time cooking while we camp; here’s what we ate:

Friday supper: Red beans and rice with Andouille sausage, which was made ahead at home, and warmed up over the Coleman propane stove, which we use to prepare the morning coffee while the fire is readied for cooking breakfast.

Saturday: Sausage patties and pancakes made over the campfire for breakfast and roast beef with mixed vegetables made over the coals for supper.

Sunday:  Bacon, eggs and biscuits for breakfast, and green chili beef burritos with refried beans for supper (from the leftover roast beef, and peach pie for dessert. (I should have taken a picture!)

Monday: Sausage patties with fried potatoes and onions for breakfast, and pepperoni pizza for supper. DSCN1137

We have a cast iron griddle, skillet and Dutch oven, which really expands what you can do with a campfire! If anyone is really interested, I will do a post on how I prep for these types of camping meals. They are a fun challenge, and really yummy!

We had a great time cooling off, and just enjoying creation, but it was good to get back today and get everything cleaned up. I am going to enjoy a very long shower here in a bit!


18 thoughts on “Mountain Vistas

    1. We did! I suppose the Rockies are like the Alps in Europe, just amazing vistas, and so interesting. Different plants, animals, even the birds have different songs in the mountains. I feel so fortunate to be close enough to enjoy these wild lands!


  1. I am so jealous!!! I haven’t been camping in years. Hubby is not the camping type. 😦 I’m tempted to take a little camping trip without him! I would love to see posts about your camping recipes!!!! LOVE that cast iron pan!!!!

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  2. Such a beautiful place! Thanks for naming the flowers, some of those I know ,a few I didn’t as we don’t have them around here like the Borage and the Geum. What a treat to watch mama moose and baby!! I can tell Max loved his trip… wonder if he enjoyed the bath afterward as much as you enjoyed your shower?!!πŸ˜€

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    1. Poor Max was exhausted from the mosquitos. They were bad the last two nights because of storms moving in. One night only a sprinkle, but the last one was pretty wild. And of course because of the barometer changing, the mosquitos were wild and hungry. I finally sprayed him down with my bug spray ( the wimpy kind that smells nice) but he still went to the car at 6:30 and sat there looking so sad, I put him to bed, then got him up at 9 to do his business one more time. Last night he felt bad, barely ate his supper, and he slept from 7 pm until 7 am, but he’s good today, so we’ll bathe him tomorrow when it’s 95 again. Poor Puppy!

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  3. I thought this sounded like heaven, until I read that stuff about the mosquitos–I HATE mosquitos and would’ve spent all my time in the car with Max. You are a wizard with camp cooking–it all looks yummy!

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    1. DH was a great teacher! We were too close to the water this trip, and with the weather being unsettled…usually it’s better, but I hate them too, they give me such welts!


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