Orchard Update

It’s been a while, and we have some new additions to our indoor orchard. 

The lemon trees are doing well, and the grapefruit trees have been moved into new pots. 

Our newest addition is an apricot, a single  sprout from 8 pits we found in the big freezer! 

We came home with some Valencia orange seeds and some mango pits to try. The oranges are in little starter pots, and we planted several mangos in one large pot, and have the last two soaking in water. There are also two avocado pits soaking, but no sign of a crack yet.

Finally, while it isn’t a tree, I was thrilled to find a bud on one of the African violets when we returned home! This makes me sooo happy, because I bought it on clearance from Walmart to use it in the 4-H Horticulture judging class last August. I kept it alive for a year and it even bloomed! That is not the usual for me!

So, I wonder which of these will sprout? Have you ever had any luck with mangos? Avocados? Pineapples?


14 thoughts on “Orchard Update

  1. I think you are planted in the wrong place:) You should be growing citrus in Florida or California!
    I have grown avocado. They do very well. Just be sure to follow the instructions to cut back the main stalk (trunk) so you end up with a full tree and not just a tall stalk.

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    1. I did see that, but still no stems of any kind, alas! It is fun to try and grow these, though I have doubts we’ll ever see any real fruit…I don’t think I could stand the heat and humidity of either CA or FL. I do like my cool evenings, even though this week there are none!

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  2. we’ve got an avocado which is doing quite well. Grown from scratch, last year, it’s about 30cm tall now, and my husband nips off leaves/shoots, following info he found on the internet. Whether it will ever produce avocados one day it a different matter.

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  3. I never tried mangoes ,however I have a lovely Guava tree growing outback,no fruit yet as it is young. I dont have a good place for growing things in the house here … no room or enough light.

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  4. Your citrus plants look very healthy, are they in a south facing window? I wanted to try growing a lemon tree over on my side of the Rockies, but I only have east and west facing windows and I thought perhaps that would not be enough sunlight for them.

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    1. They mostly live there in the west window, but we do move them around in the winter. We are going to get a grow light someday, but haven’t got it yet so we play musical plants I. The dead of winter.


    1. I am amazed that any of these have survived. DH is much better with plants than I am, butI have been in charge of the violets, and I lucked out. They love sitting on the side bar in the dining room where they are not in the south window but next to it. The citrus can’t get enough sun, and DH plays musical plants with them in the winter.

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  5. Like everyone else, we have an avocado tree but it never produces any avocados–it just gets bigger and drops leaves . . . I think you are a very optimistic gal, growing all that tropical fruit where you live!

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