Another Quilting Map

This past week I finally had the urge to go back to my Splendid Sampler quilts. I pulled out Splendid C, and was amazed to complete a quilting plan for it in about 30 minutes! I was excited, and motivated enough to put it on my project listing for this week.


I was so pleased, because when I last looked at it I had no idea of what to do with it. Not one square called to me, so I put it away, knowing that eventually I would have Β an idea, but there was no point in forcing something that just wasn’t there.

Quilting is a big challenge for me; I am much more comfortable with a plan (provided is even better), and I struggle with this part of the creative process until said plan is outlined. Once it is, barring mechanical difficulties, I can usually get a lap quilt done is just a few sessions…but until then, not a pretty sight!

This also fits in nicely with my desire to clean up my sewing room a bit, so I have more planning space. Right now, my cutting table doubles as my desk, so it would be nice to clear out that pile of batting, border and binding fabric so I have a small desk space. My goal is to finish Splendid C by July 4th so I can send it off to its new owner, and give myself some more work space.πŸ˜„


29 thoughts on “Another Quilting Map

  1. it’s very interesting to see how everyone plans ans works out patchwork & quilting. and even better to see the results!
    I never seem to have a plan when it comes to the quilting part, and just dive in with what feels right that day lol. But I really don’t like quilting and am always so glad when it’s done, and I can move on to the final stage of binding.

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    1. I could piece all day, but I’m too cheap send my quilts out, so I do the quilting too! I will say that once I start, I do get in a mindset that is more creative, but I can’t seem to even start unless I’ve blocked out a plan…even if I don’t follow it!


  2. How big are they Kathy, you say “Lap Quilts”, but on my computer they look more the size of a cushion lol, so I assume I am misjudging the size rather. They are very pretty though and it sounds like this one will soon have a lucky new owner.
    Hugs Helen

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    1. Actually, Helen, I took the easy way out, and put the blocks in the order they were sent out! I tried fiddling with the first set, and just confused myself, so just put them in order! I do love that flower too!


  3. Looks great in red and blue, it’s amazing how different they look in different colour schemes. I struggled with some to work out quilting, how adventurous I was was inversely related to how much I liked the block!

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    1. I have had that happen as well! I haven’t allowed myself to even think about starting a new quilty something until I have these done, so I am starting to get antsy, which does help on the motivation side!


  4. Happy quilting! Sometimes I have to put something on the self until I get an inspiration,some projects are still on the self.. someone is really a lucky person to be getting that quilt!

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  5. When I hit a creative road block I always put the piece aside too. I secretly hope that some happy home fairies will pop in and finish it up for me. They don’t, but they must sprinkle some idea dust on me when I’m sleeping because I usually wake up with a flash of inspiration within a day or two. The top right flower square is my favorite!! πŸ˜€

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    1. That flower block is by Lisa Bonjean. She is one of the designers for the Moda QAL going on right now. She loves applique, especially on wool, and half triangle designs. It is amazing how if you quit trying to force it, ideas do come out!

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    1. I so agree! I have seen three other SS quilts now, and each is so unique, but definitely related! I still have one more after this one to finish the whole project, but I’m hoping to be completely finished with all of them by fall.

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    1. Linda, it is more engineer like I think. Stitch over four threads, turn, stitch, turn, stitch. Very methodical, but no room for missed threads or too many. Sometimes I get in a zone and it goes really quick, just in and out, in and out.

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    1. Emma, I really enjoyed this piecework. I just pulled from those colors in my stash, and tried to keep a balance of lights/darks and busy/calm. Some aren’t quite in balance, but when they are together they work. πŸ˜„

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