Favorite Things

I’m not planning to tour you around the entire campus, nor subject you to piles of graduation photos, but I am going to share some things that I found to be favorites of the week.

Being at the ocean, and seeing this little guy and all his friends coming in with the tide.

The mosaics on the buildings on the Stanford campus. They were very detailed and beautiful.

I did see some redwoods, though not the forest, due to special events creating all sorts of issues in the park that weekend. I think it was just as well, because these small ones, were kind of scary; I can’t imagine looking up at a 2000 year old tree. And, we did cross the Golden Gate bridge which is more red than gold.

Magnolia Trees! The buds are bigger than my fist, and the smell was amazing. I have never seen such huge flowers, they are incredible!

Seeing one of the original castings of “The Thinker” by Rodin.

Seeing Girl #2’s home away from home. She lived in Roble Hall for 3 years, which was built in 1898! The rooms had been updated, but still had a vintage feel. Old doors and hardware in the sleeping room, which just held two single beds with room to change! The living area had a bay window with a window seat and their desks, along with newer armoires.

Having my whole family together!And yes, that is the dress, which was still holding up well after 6 hours in 102 degree heat!

And, of course, seeing my Girl #2 graduate!! (not my photo, a friend of hers took this)

19250762_10210195822072665_5093237393690898465_o (2)


29 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. Magnolia blooms are beautiful, aren’t they! Loved seeing the mosaic (and the others) pictures but most of all is was great to see you all together with beautiful smiles! The dress looks very nice .. did you even get to wear your coat ?

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    1. Deb, note the coat stayed on the hanger! I had thought that if luncheon were inside, I might want it after the heat of the stadium, but it was outside too, so it will wait. I have three weddings this summer, so I’m betting it will still make an appearance at some point. Now I have a spring/summer dress coat when I need it. πŸ˜€

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    2. Deb, I had never seen a magnolia bloom until last week, and I was astounded by their size and the texture of the petals. I would have loved to take one home, but since it wouldn’t last, there was no point, so I have the picture, and memories of that lovely smell. Family time is so precious anymore!

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  2. Lovely pictures but so special to get one of you all together like that. The last one I have with both my children on was taken at my sons wedding (20 years ago on the 28th of this month). I think I must get us all together for something a bit more up to date.

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  3. Congratulations for your daughter, and a Mum who brought her up. You all loo great. Thanks for sharing your pictures of SF, the bridge is almost orange isn’t it. I have seen the Thinker at the Legion of Honour too and walked around there. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your trip.

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    1. Thank you Cathy! I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures of the trip! I wish I had been able to better capture the scenery, but it may be impossible to portray the vastness of it!


  4. Having been to about 1000 college commencements in academic regalia, I can imagine why you didn’t want to wear your coat! It must’ve been SO hot for you all! The photos are great and your daughter look beautiful and proud. Congrats to you all! (And, PS, we still want to see the whole dress/coat ensemble on you–you haven’t shown that have you?)

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    1. Yes, we will do a photo shoot this week! It was the hottest commencement on record; the students just took off their robes, because they were in direct sun…UFDA! We had a great time none the less, but we’re definitely ready for a nap by 3:30 when things were finally finished!


  5. I have never seen a picture of a prouder mom in a prettier dress!! Congratulations to your daughter! Congratulations to you for raising such a wonderful smart young woman, and creating a smart and stylish dress for the occasion!! πŸ˜€

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