Garden Update June 9

If you want to compare from the last report, you can go here. Progress is slow, or at lest seems slow to me! We have survived two 90 degree days along with NO rain. The grass on the front lawn is crunchy again. We did get a 1/2 inch of rain, and a thunderstorm with .2, but there has been a lot of hoses moving in an effort to get the seedlings to the point that they can be mulched before we leave for graduation.

The big news for this report is that the grass is up! Not a lot yet, but a definite twinge of green, especially in the shaded area. I am guardedly optimistic, that we will have lawn by the end of the summer, though sooner would be so nice.

At this point the only no shows are the pumpkins and the strawberry cuttings; I think the pumpkin seeds were not good, either immature, or didn’t like the freezer, and the strawberries may not be OK in the barrels. We may have to do real plants in order to get them what they need.  The beets and garlic are not doing well, not sure they will make it, but we can hope.

The morning sun is so bright, it is hard to get good contrast, but hopefully you get the idea! We are still too early to yell Hurrah, but there’s definitely hope for many of the beds now. South Dakota summers can turn on a dime, and we could still get a heat blast that dries those seedlings beyond help. We’ve lost a lot already, but hopefully these will hang on, especially with the straw coming in this weekend for a little shelter from the hot sun and wind. (15 mph all day with hot temps is difficult to fight!)

How’s your garden growing?



11 thoughts on “Garden Update June 9

  1. Your garden looks better than mine. I think the peas are about 5″ high. The summer squash leaves are quite yellow from so much rain. The zinnias I potted for the front steps are 2/3 dead. They drowned:( We’ve got dry weather for the next few days. I hope you get some more rain:)

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  2. I can believe your plants are feeling the weather treatment. My plants did earlier this spring only we went from 80 degree days to a few days of 40 with frost at night! My Irises and a few hydrangeas lost their blooms for this year, but the most lost is no peaches this year.😟Thankful we have received some rain the last few days that really helped out on the dryness. The suddened change in temps I hope doesn’t bring tornadoes for you!!

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  3. Kathy we have had the complete opposite in New York for weather. Cold and rainy until this week where we have actually seen the sun and in the 80s. The peas love the cold and rain but my peppers…not so much. Everything looks like it is coming up nicely for you. How much planting space do you have? I have about 210 sq feet but need to add more lol!


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