Caught by the Yarn Gremlin!

The yarn gremlin infected my iPad, and last week it filled my shopping cart with all sorts of goodies…uh oh!  In my defense, many of the buys are for gifts, but there were a few things added, just because I wanted them. This week I had a lovely 6 pound box of yarny goodness delivered to my door! Let’s peek and see if you too need a visit by this happy gremlin. 

The first project, which is why I even looked… on the needles and coming along nicely. I need to finish it this week so it can be sent to Kansas next Monday, so it arrives in time for MIL’s birthday. Lots to get done this week, but it will be good “exercise” for me to have some deadliness! The color is not very true below, it really is that nice green you see in my box of goodies. Ah, so much fun to squish this stuff!


30 thoughts on “Caught by the Yarn Gremlin!

  1. They say the camera never lies – well it does where colour is concerned, sometimes it is so difficult to get a good colour of something. I never have visits from yarn gremlins but when I look for something at the papercraft store (especially dies or stamps) the moment I put something in the basket other things jump in too. I cannot imagine why they do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. One time I had an email from Red Heart in my in-box with the subject line “Flash Sale!” I clicked it and obviously there was some sort of “virus” because the next thing I knew there was a box with 12 skeins of yarn at my door!! The story that I use to justify it is that I have to crochet an escape disguise for a Nigerian Prince!!! Oh and I apologize….. I may have drooled a little on your lovely box of yarn. 😀

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