Summer Coat Love

My coat from Vogue 1537 is in its final stages! I have been outside as much as inside the past week or so, but have tried to make sure I complete at least 4-5 seams each day, so the progress continues. 

As you can see, there’s been a lot of cutting that doesn’t pertain to the  coat, but to the dress! I plan to just keep sewing, and a good thing because we are now about 2 weeks away from leaving for CA. 

I am loving the linen contrast, and now that the pockets and sleeves are on satisfactorily, I have enough fabric to make a little clutch purse if I want. I solved my button dilemma…I’m making covered buttons. The front ones will be the pink, and those on the tabs may be plaid. In this photo the collar looks white; that’s just the interfacing on the undercollar. This pattern actually calls for the collar to be attached to the facings and lining, then sewn together…an interesting take, but I’ll try it this way and see.

While I am calling the linen pink, it is really somewhere between lilac and  a dusty rose. It definitely has some purple in it, however, I think that may be what allows it to work with the coat fabric. It is not a juvenile pink even though it may look that way in the photos. 

The past few days I have worked on the facings and the main body of the lining, which is now ready for the sleeves. Yesterday I attached the main body to the facings, and then added the collar and undercollar. I hope to have the sleeves set in before the day is out, then I will be ready to attach the two coats and make them one. 

I will still have quite a bit of hand work to do, tacking the neckline, underarms and shoulders, hems on the sleeves and on the coat, facings for the buttonholes, as well as making and attaching the buttons. I have the coat sleeves basted, and the button supplies purchased, so if I devote myself to a little bit of hand stitching during my lunch break the rest of the week, I should have much of the list completed before the weekend is out. I can still have a good start on the dress, which is only three pieces in the main body. I am looking forward to getting that started now that my silk organza has arrived in the mail!

How are your big projects coming along?


27 thoughts on “Summer Coat Love

  1. It’s been years since I’ve constructed any type of “tailored” garment. Yours will be so sweet. This year I’ve actually purchased fabric for some summer items……patterns gotten at a fab quilt shop in Kerrville,TX (“Creations”)….amazing shop with all the bases covered: quilting, garments, accessories (purses, etc)!!!! A totally inspiring oasis!!!!! “Progress” is always a ‘good thing’!!!!!

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    1. Thanks! It has been a good sew so far.๐Ÿ˜€ I love how both of the fabrics ease, I didn’t even baste the sleeves, they pinned in effortlessly, and not a single pucker…loved it! I know the lining will not behave that nicely, but so far so good! I just got my envelope from Susan K. so I’ ready to do the dress!


  2. It is going to be a cool refreshing outfit .. perfect look for summer. I have a shirt , dress, skirt and blouse cut out ready to sew,that leaves one more dress to cut. Then all wedding attire will be getting closer to done. I will probably work on the cut out pieces until I receive the pattern for last dress that needs to be cut out.

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  3. It’s coming out really pretty Kathy!! You are such a talented seamstress and I am so impressed! I can’t even imagine being able to make my own dresses and have them look as well made as this. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. It still sounds like you have so much to do! That would take me years! The coat is looking amazing–please make sure we get to see lots of photos of you wearing it, when it’s all done!

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    1. Thanks so much, Kerry! It’s lots of little detail stuff, but all things that don’t really take very much time, if you just sit down and start. Tomorrow!! That’s my plan, and there should be lots of pictures at graduation๐Ÿ˜„.


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