Alas, I am the Only One!

That likes rhubarb that is! I am a true northern Minnesota Norwegian–Spring is for rhubarb! Pie, sauce, jam, cake, muffins, we should have it everyday, and there is no need for strawberries. DH doesn’t care for it, and my girls were always luke warm but I can’t get enough! This is especially troublesome when our bachelor neighbors across the unfenced yard could care less about their patch. So I did the neighborly thing, and asked if they wanted their rhubarb. When Neighbor C looked at me like I’d come from Mars, I knew I had found a goldmine!

Now that I had secured the goods, what to do with it? Β Freezer jam sounded promising, so I made a batch…4 cups rhubarb, 3/4 cup of sugar and 2 Tablespoons of water, dumped into the sauce pot, and turned on low until it looks like applesauce. I have a small bowl in the fridge and two half pints in the freezer…just enough. Then DH says, that might be good on ice cream…..Uh Oh!

What to do? Make some sauce!

So this morning, I sauntered over to the rhubarb patch, and thinned it nicely, coming up with about 2 pints of sauce. There really isn’t much difference between sauce and jam, but I think the jam is too sweet for ice cream, so of course I HAD to make more.

If you have helpers or you are a novice, rhubarb sauce is an easy dish to make.

Start with the rhubarb…I go for medium sized stalks from the patch.

Remove the leaves, which are toxic, and the ends.

Take out a medium sauce pot and measure 1/2 cup of water and sugar. Stir it and put it on medium heat. You want it to come to a boil.

While the syrup heats, chop your rhubarb. Chop them into pieces between 1 and 1.5 inches long, keep cutting until you have 4 cups. Once the syrup boils, dump in the rhubarb and turn down the heat a little bit.

Let it come back up to a boil, then reduce it to a simmer. Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, and you are done!

You can serve the rhubarb sauce alone, warm or cold. Variations might include a bit of cream poured into the sauce, or serving it warm over ice cream, or over a piece of vanilla cake, pound cake or angel food cake.

I am going to keep the jar in the fridge for DH to try, and try freezing what’s in the bowl for later.

Do you have a favorite food that doesn’t make it to the family table? How do you get your fix?Β 


34 thoughts on “Alas, I am the Only One!

      1. I usually plant a row every other year, but for some reason this year I plant one of the boxes full…I guess we will roast some, I hear they are really good that way, and I’m going to make ravioli this year…it doesn’t look that hard…I’m going to try beet, spinach and pumpkin! Not sure what I’ll put inside yet, but they will certainly make a meal more colorful!

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      2. Beets are the food that I love but nobody else will eat!!! I pickle some up and keep them in the fridge to have on the side with just about every meal in the summer. I thought everybody ate beets I was so shocked to find out that they didn’t!! πŸ˜€

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  1. My household is like yours – I LOVE rhubarb and ranch man is “not so much”. There are times when I make a pie and yes… the whole thing myself. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. My ex husband used to go out to the little patch that was in the yard pick some rhubarb wash it off, take the leaves off dip it into the sugar bowl and chomp away at the stalk raw!! πŸ™‚

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  3. Oh now my mouth is watering for a taste! Rhubarb doesn’t grow here in the south.πŸ˜• I just mentioned to my daughter this weekend ,who lives in VA, that I should get some starts for her so she could grow me some.

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  4. I love rhubarb! My favourite is rhubarb pie, I actually make the filling similar to a quiche with lots of eggs, it’s delicious! The thing that I love is chilli but the hubby can’t eat hot-spicy so I’m not using much in my cooking (and it makes me sad!)

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    1. I agree! So many family memories tied up with rhubarb. Every time I have rhubarb jam, it transports me to my aunt’s kitchen. Food and family memories are precious…thanks for the reminder!


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