Transition Land–The Benefit of Hard Labor, Etc.

Yes I was a weepy girl a couple of weeks ago…the cure was some more time, and a lot of hard labor, and probably a big dose of sunshine☀️. I couldn’t tell you if one is more necessary than the other, they are too interrelated. Or, maybe its the satisfaction from nearly finishing a huge job. First, I must credit DH, because he did the heavy lifting…literally! We were both exhausted, and filthy,  but we managed to complete the most important tasks before the rain began again this past week, and in spite of horrible weather, my spirits are excellent. The fence is up and only the door is left!


In fact, I haven’t really thought about my old career these past two weeks! Conclusion: I have either turned the corner or have finally embraced a summer vacation. I don’t really care which at this moment, I am just pleased to be content. I know I am, because I’ve spent the past two rainy days in the sewing room, and I don’t usually sew more advanced stuff unless I am in a good place mentally. Quilting is therapy, but garment construction, for me, requires a different mood. I have also begun turning over new projects in my mind, which is another healthy sign, as is an interest in experimenting in the kitchen.

Yes, I have more BIG TASKS on my list, but as I have caught up over the past month, those big tasks are getting more manageable. Now we are down to things like washing the curtains and washing the outside windows. Oh yes, and cleaning out the linen closet.

Outside, there is huge pile of firewood to move, and then yard renovation. I have waged war on the dandelions in the front yard, and at the moment, I am winning! And the nasty pile you see in the first picture, well it has been re-purposed; the materials have all been put to use and this space is going to become the new woodpile/privacy hedge. That means that there will be some shaded lawn in the backyard again, which makes me very happy.


Still a ways to go, but we will be done by the weekend I think! In retrospect, I believe that all that manual labor was exactly what I needed, along with the satisfaction of seeing a big change in our backyard.


21 thoughts on “Transition Land–The Benefit of Hard Labor, Etc.

    1. Haha! Nothing scary…deer are everywhere, they live along the creek and golf course, and there are several gullies hidden throughout the neighborhood. They evidently understand that the fence is too high and don’t even attempt it.

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    1. The food for sure. I planted a barrel planter with flowers and a hanging basket, but I’m not real good with blooming things. I have been very impatient waiting for the seeds to sprout, and they are all slow because we had lows in the 30’s most of last week.😡 We finally got some high 60’s this week so I think we won the battle. 😊

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  1. You DO sound better! Time cure all wounds, I guess, plus sun and hard work, and a feeling of purpose and accomplishment! Do you have vintage linens in that linen closet? If so, I’d love to see a post about them!

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    1. I do feel a lot better…case in point, I replied to a past do worker this week, and answering her questions wasn’t a roller coaster. As I reflected, I was relieved to not have to deal with that chaotic boss anymore!!
      When I get to that shelf in the linen closet, I will pull out what is there and do a post about it. I have a few pieces from my grandma that my uncle sent to me, and a few pieces from my aunt that will split between the girl cousins. It will be good to take inventory!
      On another note, do you still have any of those linens from that box you were going through awhile back? The ones that were unusable for you? I’m looking for some flour sack type towel pieces or sections of usable fabric that are approximately 12×18 inches. Let me know if you have anything like that, we could make a deal!


      1. I don’t know how much feedsack-type fabric I have but I do have a LOT of old white damask tablecloths–they have small holes and spots in some cases but a lot of usable fabric. Would that kind of cloth work for what you’re planning?

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