Photo Challenge–Stationary

I couldn’t resist…we call this pose “dead dog.”

Max suffered greatly last week, because it RAINED, and the temps were in the 40’s. He was grumpy, fretful, and generally miffed at the world. We did get in a walk every day, but it was obvious that he was bored.

Saturday, everything changed…the sun came out!!! It was still too wet for him to be out, but it was warm enough (mid 50’s) that I could open the front door. He was indeed STATIONARY.


For those wondering, Max is a cardigan Welsh corgi and border collie cross. He is quite a handful, because he is so smart. Boredom usually means trouble, and his favorite place to be is the backyard lying in the sun.


18 thoughts on “Photo Challenge–Stationary

  1. He looks a cutie! Corgi Collie cross does sound quite a handful! Collie owners here are seen as the ones who are out in all weathers, regardless of how bad, because they just need the exercise 🙂

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  2. What a cutie!! My Rhodesian mix likes to find a sunny spot to lay in – he usually has his 30 foot long legs all sticking up though!! I know what you mean about having an pup that needs to be mentally stimulated all the time – my other dog is an Australian Cattle Dog – she herds her brother (Boris the Rhodesian) all day long when there is nothing else for her to do. Every time she perceives a threat (which is about twice an hour) she chases him up onto the couch! It’s hilarious because he is almost twice as tall as she is! Corgi’s and Australian Cattle Dogs look very similar in the face – very pretty faces with extremely intelligent eyes!! Do you ever feel like he’s boring into your brain trying to figure out what you’re thinking??

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    1. Seriously, he communicates! He stares at me, then looks at what he wants, then stares at me again until I ask, Do you want xx? Then he jumps up and down and smiles. It could be a walk (staring at the leash drawer), or food, being out of water, or his favorite treats. (he loves peanuts, pumpkin anything strawberries and popcorn) What a nutcase! And, he herds us all the time. When I go out side he lays down facing away and guards me. When DH leaves early in the am, he comes in and lays across the door.

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      1. My Laylee has the whole house on a schedule! If we aren’t doing what we’re supposed to be doing at set times she barks at us!! She alerts us to her mealtime, her bedtime, what time we should get up, what time hubby needs to leave for work etc etc! Aren’t they amazing!!

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