Peace Sweater #9

I officially hit the wall this week. I frogged my sleeve hem and redid it, and it is now correct. I did the first border and things were going well, until it was time to circle up and continue the sleeve in the round. I muffed it, my only option was to frog it and try again.

So let’s discuss this very interesting sleeve. It has a slit at the wrist, closed with a pewter button, so you start by knitting back and forth. The edges will join at the top sleeve center. At the top of the slit, you change to knitting in the round. The concept makes sense, I am struggling with starting the pattern correctly, which has a graphic centered on the top. To keep that pattern smooth on top, you begin the circular pattern at the under sleeve center, which is where you will also do the increases. Clear as mud? I agree! Fresh eyes and more coffee helped me, but I’m still unsure whether I was supposed to not finished the pattern on the under sleeve or have an extra half round of white. If anyone has ever seen something similar I would love to compare instructions!Β 

I need to solve this so I can get serious about picking out stuff for a shawl for the MIL’s birthday. She is going to be 81 this June, so I think she would like that. I really like this pattern, and it only takes 100g of sock yarn. Β The reviews say simple and quick, good for a car trip.

I’m thinking this might go well, and she likes warm tones, so this seems like it would go with her usual color scheme.

This is KnitPicks stroll, a machine washable merino fingering weight in eucalyptus.


16 thoughts on “Peace Sweater #9

  1. I have zero knitting advice – I was confused before you even started talking about the pattern. The only word I recognized was frog – and that’s because I use the F word a lot in my crochet. That shawl pattern looks lovely! πŸ™‚

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