Surprise Mail

Yesterday I went out to get the mail, and there was a lovely surprise for me all the way from France! Thank you Claire for the unbirthday gifts!

Claire sent me a wonderful blue fabric tray, monogrammed no less, and a fabulous French magazine with cross stitch designs and a wonderful article about historical costume sewing. My childhood friend will be stopping by later this summer, and I will have her read it to me, since she is fluent in French, or I’ll have Girl #2 give it a go…with her Latin and Italian she will be able to give me the gist! 

I was so surprised and delighted by Claire’s gifts, which came right when I needed a lift! So, merci beaucoup, mon amie! (I hope that’s correct, high school French class was a LONG time ago!)


12 thoughts on “Surprise Mail

  1. What a delightful gift from Claire. A gift is always nice but when it comes completely out of the blue like this it keeps you smiling for days. I am really please for your good fortune Kathy and I know you deserve it.

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  2. I thought, what with your Professional situation in limbo right now, that you deserved a little surprise to help brighten your day ^^ Glad you like it.

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  3. What a great surprise!! And a very very thoughtful gift – all of those lovely patterns! It’s a gift within a gift that you can use to create more gifts!!! I’m going to second the “Claire for saint hood nomination” from nanacathy’s comment! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. Having just received a sweet gift from an “across the pond” bloggy friend, I can totally appreciate your ‘happy feeling’ at that moment! The tray is super special and in my most fave color combo, too!!!!! Many hours of fun ahead with those patterns.

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