Morning Walk Anyone?

I live on a dead end street, that didn’t start that way. In 1972 just over 15 inches of rain fell in about 6 hours over  the Rapid Creek watershed, and the result was one of the most deadly floods in the Midwest, with 243 souls lost.  In the aftermath, the 100 year flood plain was declared off limits for residential housing. My house sits across the street from this boundary, so the street was never rebuilt, and the result is an island of 12 homes that were allowed to remain. This island has a 1.5 lane street to get us to the main street, and is now mostly surrounded by the second 9 holes of the city golf course.

Will you join me for my morning walk with Max?

I seldom tire of this walk, because it is different every single day! If you could hear the birds in the morning…oh my! A joyous time of day!

Thanks for joining me….by the way, we just covered 1.6 miles, so you have gotten a great dose of exercise.


15 thoughts on “Morning Walk Anyone?

    1. I thought you were more out in the country, from your pictures. I love our neighborhood, because I almost get best of both. We are in town, but it doesn’t feel that way because of all the open grass all around. Growing up between 4 and 14 miles from a little town makes me appreciate living in!


  1. Thank you so mcuh for taking us along. I love the cottonwood. I live up a dead end too, but not very long at all. 12 houses in all and we are near the top end, by a field with sheep. 1/2 mile takes me to the centre of town. Idyllic.

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  2. I love the sound of the bird song first thing in the morning! I wake up before sunrise every day just so I can hear and see the day break – it’s just beautiful! I love a nice sunset but sunrise is my absolute favorite time of day!! 🙂

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  3. I just took” my morning walk” in the afternoon.😀Lovely landscape,but sad that so many had to lose their lives because of living in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

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    1. Yes, it was definitely a freak event, and the rain didn’t start until late afternoon or evening, so people didn’t know it was raining so much. I think the dam broke around 10:30, so it was just a very strange thing.

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