Peace Sweater #8

Time for another update. There doesn’t always seem to be a lot of difference from the previous post, but these updates do keep me motivated, so  they are worthwhile in that way! I have now completed the front right side twice…I was unhappy with my short rows, and woke up with the solution, but of course, I had to frog, which isn’t nearly as traumatic after learning the easy way to do it. Simply put your needle through each stitch of the row you need to frog:

Then pull!

No lost stitches to worry about, and you are ready to try again with a minimal amount of frustration.

Good thing I have found a method without the drama, as I’m pretty certain I may have to frog the back neckline and try again. 

With frogging complete, I have this picture for my official update……

Yes, we have a completed top, assuming I leave the back neckline as is!

I have found my hardware at a place called Vermont Pewter, and have a couple of braided trims to consider too, so I’m feeling pretty happy with how things are progressing. There’s still a long way to go, but I think an August finish  may be quite possible. 😃


27 thoughts on “Peace Sweater #8

      1. Truly Tami, it is like following a map or counted cross stitch chart, without all the color changes. I find poking a crochet hook into the correct part of the stitch much more difficult, and have nearly poked my eye with one of those!😆

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    1. Thanks Bella. You are right the yarn is so soft…merino fingering wool is wonderful stuff. I highly recommend it, not a bit of scratchiness. I got my yarn online, from KnitPicks, and Stroll is actually machine washable, so great for babies too.


    1. Oh thank you Linda! I learned to knit very young, but couldn’t keep my tension under control, so gave until I was in Norway,many my host mom started me with the Norwegian style of knitting, and that made all the difference!

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