Quilty Goodness

Lap quilt # 3 is officially on its way; the walking foot action around each block is complete. I am thinking about doing a wave thing on the borders with the walking foot, so will complete that before starting on the free motion work. I will likely then set this one aside while I work on my dress and coat for Girl#2’s graduation, and then finish it off. Looking at the blocks, I have not yet been exceedingly inspired with FMQ ideas, so it may be time to tour around and see what others have done.


I have no real deadline for this, I had intended to take it with me to the State Fair and gift it to my hostess of 23 years. Long story short, our State Fair is hosted by a small town that had too few hotel rooms. I ended up in a private home after losing my hotel reservation due to maternity leave, and never looked back. Now that I won’t be at the State Fair, I’ll just send it sometime this summer. However, our local quilt show is coming up…maybe that would be a way to encourage me to move it along sooner!

Stay tuned….


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