Fabric Hunting

dscn0703I’ve shared often that we have no good apparel fabric stores in the area. That makes for a lot of extra time and searching when looking for something special. Access to stores through the Internet is wonderful, but it still doesn’t replace seeing and touching. I have had some great input from folks concerning my quest for fabric to make the dress in Vogue 1537. Some of you got me thinking in several different directions, which was very helpful.

Armed with my new possibilities, I again hit the web, and still had difficulties in finding things I felt might work. I did save one link to some pink linen at the Denver Fabric Warehouse, but the more I have thought about it, the more I really don’t want to go with pink unless I have no other choice. Another day dawned, and a new search began. This time I searched by city, and started with Minneapolis. Bingo, maybe! I found a store that specializes in silk, linen and wool, along with other less exotic yardage. The Sewing Lounge advertised on their web site that they specialize in support and project completion, having lessons and the ability to sew on site. Interesting! I wrote to Maggy, and asked about help with matching fabric, and she replied within an hour, saying that they would be happy to help me via mail, and if I would send a swatch, she sewing lounge logowould try to provide me with several options, so there is hope!

I sent my swatch in the mail last Friday and will be waiting for swatches this week. Meanwhile, I’m going to lay out the coat, and possibly purchase the lining here in town for both. I am really looking forward to getting Maggy’s envelope! She emailed me today, letting me know she had received the swatch and telling me she is sending a variety of colors and neutrals from their stock! I can’t wait to see what she sent!


20 thoughts on “Fabric Hunting

  1. It is hard to find apparel fabric here also, and I know the excitement of receiving fabric samples. Hope you are surprised with a delightful perfect piece of fabric.

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  2. I agree that finding the perfect fabric for a particular pattern is always fraught with stress and takes many hours/days of searching. I’m experiencing the same problem with knitting (which I want to try). Bought loads of yummy yarn (discontinued of a good French brand) and now I’m having trouble finding patterns to use it with lol.

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    1. Maybe try a “patchwork” lap size blanket, or socks? I am getting ready to do a blanket with different stitches, I found some patterns on ravelry, and signed up to receive the anniversary blocks from cascade yarns, which are free. I will choose some stitches that give texture and are easy to do. They all seem to be about 12 inches square so each one is a small project. I have lots of yarn right now, just calling to me…..:)


      1. I’ve seen lots of patterns for blankets & such, as well as scarves, mittens, etc, but nope, if I’m going to knit, I want to knit a sweater lol. Or at least try!

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  3. Wow that is awesome customer service! Maybe you’ve found a solution to multiple problems – the current fabric your looking for AND a good source for future fabric hunting!! I’m with you on needing to see and touch, I’m the same way with yarn, I seldom buy it online – unless of course it’s a really good online only sale. 😀

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  4. I have had wonderful luck buying beautiful fabric online, especially from fabric stores with great reputations. This sounds very promising for you, and the customer service sounds superior. Hoping this will give you some excellent options for your dress!

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    1. Minnesota people are usually very kind and helpful, but this was still above and beyond in my book. Next time I visit my dad and sis I’ll be adding time to go to the Cities and visit in person!


  5. The only place I go for wonderful fabrics is “Ginnys Fine Fabrics” in Rochester, MN. I have, also, gotten clients referred to me by Ginny when I had my sewing business. There aren’t words to describe how awesome she, and her shop, are!!!! https://www.facebook.com/GinnysFineFabrics/ Also, since I’m a tad late joining this thread, The “Bakery Fabrics” in Belle Fourche ( https://www.facebook.com/thebakeryfabrics/ ) has cotton linens and other beautiful fabrics (limited supply) and Annie is THE BEST to work with on projects!!!!!

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