Sewing for Me!

Yes, I have made a decision about the first thing Iwill sew   for our graduation trip to California….and the winner is….the Kay Unger dress and coat! Now there is some altering to do on this dress; it needs to be longer, and I think that the back may be a bit wild for a daytime dress.  

Now for the fabric…I have two fabrics in my stash that I would consider, but both require finding a match, so the hunt is on! Girl #2 says that the temps could be in the 90’s, so I definitely need to consider that! 

My first choice is to use this for the coat. Unfortunately,  there will not be enough fabric to do the entire thing, so I’m going to need to be careful and creative. This fabric is a silk linen blend, really great texture, with a faint window pane plaid. I am trying to decide my best course of action, assuming that it will be impossible to match the blue. There is the white of course, along with a thread of pale pink and melon running through it.

After spending the afternoon cutting about 40 pattern pieces, I believe that I can squeak most of the coat out of the silk/linen. I think the pockets will fit, leaving me option of adding just a bit of something like a floral print, maybe for the buttonholes and the tabs on the sleeves. 

I have also found a pink linen that looks like a decent match, but maybe that’s too silly for an old mom? I would love to do a floral, but I think that may be too much. Or I could go with plain white and put a band of color or floral on the bottom…ugh!

Opinions? Advice? Fabric shops?  Anyone with a totally different idea? I’m interested in any and every possibility!


10 thoughts on “Sewing for Me!

  1. I don’t really know much about sewing Kathy, but I do really like this pattern. It looks smart and sophisticated – I would definitely go with a longer skirt, even on this model I think it would look classier if it was just above the knee instead of just below the butt. 😀

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  2. it’s always difficult to imagine what a pattern is going to look like in different fabrics. I agree that just below the knee will be perfect, but am not so sure about floral. I’d go for plain fabrics, if I were you – how about a slightly darker blue for the dress and your chosen fabric for the coat? Pink linen sounds nice (if it’s really pale) but won’t linen crease a lot?

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    1. Thanks for the thoughts Claire, very helpful! The linen that I found is a blend which will help, and underlining can really decrease the wrinkling factor. I so wish we had some decent fabric in town that I could actually touch!


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