Book Review–About Grace by Anthony Doerr

I must admit I had a little trouble getting involved with this story, just because it was disturbing. David Winkler dreams things and then they happen. He dreams terrible things, and as a result gets very little sleep and does some pretty scary stuff, and makes some bizarre choices. I am only a quarter of the way through the book, and it goes back to the library tomorrow because it’s on hold for someone else…of course, in just the last chapter I am finally hooked! I’m putting it back on hold and will finish it when it comes back to me.

I loved Mr. Doerr’s other book, All the Light We Cannot See, so I have to believe that my initial lack of interest came from my current mood, rather than any fault of the book!  The writing is excellent, and the storyline is unique. And, while it took me some time to get committed, I didn’t stop reading it, I just didn’t make it a priority.


4 thoughts on “Book Review–About Grace by Anthony Doerr

  1. I hope when you get it back that you end up enjoying it. I have often ended up reading an entire book waiting for it to get ‘good’ and then been disappointed when it didn’t. But then there have been times when I pushed through and continued reading some books and was very happy when they did in fact get ‘good’! 🙂

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