Where’s that quilt?

Some things are so worth the wait, and some things just take a long time. This quilt fits into both, I hope. It is indeed taking forever, mainly because I messed up my Necchi and had to send it to the shop…I forgot to bring the power cord, so it sat for a week until I got back over there with it, and I’ve been waiting…and waiting⌛️

I have not been idle…I attached the walking foot to Girl #2’s machine after hauling it up from the basement, (and cleaning it) and started stitching in the ditch around each block. I have since moved on to blocks that had straight line work or gentle curves, but the going is slow. The walking foot likes to work loose and then we lose a needle, etc. I finally have that under control, but now I have run out of blocks to do using the walking foot. 😡

Still no word on Miss Necchi, so now have some choices to make….I can put this one aside and sandwich number 3 to start sewing around those blocks, practice drawing feathers, start some piecework, or I can attempt to set up Miss Janome here with a FMQ foot and see what happens……

FMQ foot it is! (Well I did try drawing feathers…disaster! So now I am tracing them over and over, maybe that will release my inner chicken or whatever I need to make them look remotely close to feathers….) 😁 

Meanwhile, I’ve tried a little meandering, 

some little hearts I drew on,


an all over random scroll, 

some stippling (sort of), 

and some echo work.

Things are looking up! It amazes me how quick it is to FMQ a block versus outlining with the walking foot! Hopefully SS#2 will soon be ready  for binding. 



15 thoughts on “Where’s that quilt?

  1. I enjoyed quilting these SS blocks, they were small enough to try something different without being committed to a whole quilt! I was definitely braver on blocks I wasn’t particularly attached to though!Yours are looking great 🙂

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    1. I’m still not very good at it, but for this quilt I hoped to improve my consistency. Tracing over lines is getting a lot better for me now, and once the quilt is washed, being perfect isn’t necessary, if that makes any sense? 😄


  2. Baby steppin’ and definitely looking good!!!!! 15 minutes a day & doodling. Yup, nothing worthwhile is acquired w/o a “little”(ha!) effort. OK, enough with the pithy sayings!!!!…………my first feathers were nothing short of PATHETIC but I was persistent, motivated and, well, stubborn(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I do hope your Necchi is home from the spa soon. I’ll be in touch with you quite soon…………hugs…………

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