Transition land–Moving Forward

Do I have a new job–no!

Have I started looking–no!

Do I have a clue about the future–not so much!

So what am I doing? Well, not a lot actually, and that is OK right now! I have accomplished a few things…I am finished with the last work project, and my house is getting cleaner by the week, which to me is a NECESSARY task. I’ve opted not to do spring cleaning; instead I am tackling a not pleasant job each day in the assigned room. It’s working, and probably driving DH a little crazy, but he’ll get over it!😘

The first BIG TASK is in a good spot…after all, I can only ask DH to do so much sorting, but the library is looking 100% better, and I have moved on to some other significant sections in the basement. By the end of the summer it will be in Better Homes & Gardens order (joking!!, but it will be better organized).

So what’s the next BIG TASK? The backyard and gardens….they look neglected and here are the photos to prove it. So, why share this? Motivation!  Saturday I decide was the day to get out and start. DH will be in on this big time, but there are things that I can do that will move us forward and will be a nice surprise for him…besides Miss Necchi is still  in the shop and Max wants to be outside, so I might as well hang out with him! 

The Before pictures showing the nasty winter just ended, get out there situation:

The result of Saturday’s efforts:


Yes this would correspond with photos 1 and 4 above. Still lots to do, obviously, but I got a pretty big grin out of  DH when he returned home, and we continued together on Monday, and ended up here, which correspond with photos 3 & 4 above. The next nice day will have me out with Max working on my iris beds.😍

So, while I figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, I’m busy organizing and improving my space without spending a nickel, although a few nickels may be involved at some future date!😊


23 thoughts on “Transition land–Moving Forward

  1. Hooray! for your energy and motivation!!!!! Puh-leeze, send some my way…………….I’m starting to pack up my fabric/quilt stuff here (TX) in prep for our departure next Tuesday. Closing this place up is an interesting process and nothing like up north! It’s what has been collecting dust all winter in MN that will have need of much attention….ugh! A small price to pay for having a warm winter!!!!! (No, I’m not whining!!!) LOL!!!! Hugs…….

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  2. I think it’s a good idea to do some physical work out in the garden, which will give you time to think and assess what you want to do in your professional life in the future.

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    1. So true! Physical labor is good for the body, mind and spirit, especially in this time period! I think you get double the endorphins from the exercise and the sense of accomplishment. I may feel differently when the dump truck full of compost arrives…😅


  3. Hmm Kathy – now you have me actually looking at my back yard without my Better Homes & Garden filter goggles on and it is looking very shabby! I usually only take a lot of care with my front garden because that’s the one that people can see from the street. 😀

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    1. That still happens to me, but my list for each day seems much shorter now, so way more focused. My list at work was always growing faster than I could cross things off! However, I didn’t get much accomplished today…looked at the rain, went out with DH on reconnaissance for fence posts, played the piano, finished supper. It was a wandering sort of day.😀

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  4. And how are the muscles reacting to all the extra action?!😉 I’m going to enjoy watching the garden grow. I still have a little bit more mulching to do in the flowerbeds but those old weeds are getting under control.

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    1. My hips are somewhat angry, but not angry enough to pop anything, yet! We had a rest day with rain yesterday, but I plan to spend a couple of hours at least in the irises today. They are still competing with the grass, and since they are a grass, there’s nothing to do but pull it out! 😊 DH put the potatoes in last night, so we finally have something in. soil temp is still very cold, here, and we are going to bring in 3 tons of compost, so will have to move that in before we plant.

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    1. I am feeling pretty rejuvenated by the physical activity and the sense of accomplishment! It is keeping me from sulking for sure, and my brain is starting to wander to some hints of possibilities, so I think I’m in a good place. 😄


  5. Our lives are moving in tandem recently! I’ve cleaned I don’t know how much “stuff” out of places. I’ve donated what I can and trashed the rest. I’m not done yet but getting rid of some of the clutter has been great! We worked a lot on trimming shrubs, etc. in the back yard; it looks a lot better than it did. The upside is at least my job isn’t stressing me out – haha!

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    1. I do marvel at our parallel roads these days. Getting rid of clutter is really very uplifting! I just spent 90 minutes with the irises, and I think they may be finished tomorrow, at least for the initial clean out! I am looking forward to having the garden planted.


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