He is Risen…

Not everyone believes as I do, but today is the most important day of the year to me, so I will shout it from the rooftop…Jesus is alive! He took God’s punishment for our falling short of perfection, and, because he was perfect, conquered death. Satan couldn’t keep Him in Hell, so He rose from the dead! What does that mean for you, me and everyone else? We can accept Jesus’ gift to us, turn away from sin, and from that moment on, we are justified before God.

Doesn’t mean that we don’t screw up, (sometimes in a big way), but that instead of God seeing our screw ups and imperfection, He sees us covered by Jesus’ perfection and blood atonement. That my friends, is what I believe.

So what about all those hypocrite Christians you know and can’t reconcile? Frankly, while they may call themselves Christians, if they don’t act like Jesus, maybe they believe that Jesus died and rose again, but they have not turned away from sin. Maybe. I can’t presume to know their heart, but just because they say they are, doesn’t mean they are. People who have turned from sin want to be like Jesus, and that usually causes them to act like Him. If you express concern to them that they aren’t, they are usually appalled with themselves, not you! Just saying!

So, on this most special day, I wish you all the blessing of knowing Jesus personally this year. Thanks for allowing me to say what I believe. Hugs to each of you!


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