Stash + New Patterns= Motivation

For the first time in a long time, I have a specific event that I can sew for. Girl#2 is graduating from Stanford University in June, and there are events that go along with it. When I graduated from our state’s land grant, there was no such fuss, though I believe the Dean did spring for some coffee and donuts and invited the seniors and their parents before we headed to the stadium. 

To make a long story short, I am a little bit intimidated by all the money flying around out there, and while I’m not interested in impressing anyone, I don’t want Girl # 2’s friends’ parents and professors thinking we are total hicks before we open our mouths. After all, it was DH’s home school program that got her there, and she has excelled, so we aren’t completely inept, though the world of cocktails and parties is pretty foreign! 

With that in mind, and my preference for classic looks that are timeless, I’ve ordered and pulled out some patterns that I think may work for the two big events; a big ceremony outdoors, and the more intimate department event where we will meet the professors. It sounds as though everything else will be fairly casual, so no worries there. I can do casual for weeks, because my old work attire is probably their idea of casual.

So, here are the options in patterns for the graduation wardrobe…any opinions?  I’m all ears! I should also mention, that the hemlines are pretty optional at this point. I will likely raise and lower them to my own comfort level!!


21 thoughts on “Stash + New Patterns= Motivation

  1. Congratulations! How wonderful. I honestly think that you should pick the one you’d feel most comfortable in, whichever that is. That said, I quite liked the two ensembles. Both for look and versatility, those jackets can be combined with other clothes and maybe dress up something more casual a notch.

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    1. I am still debating the vogue ensemble…I would lengthen the dress, but I do like that thought of having a coat that matches, especially with the possibility of some rain or a cooler evening. It sounds like the weather can be all over the place in June.

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  2. I like either the Butterwick 4386 with 3/4 sleeves because it is simply a classic dress or the Kay Unger. Also classic and more versatile.

    Congratulations to both you and your daughter. I’m another home ed parent. Watching our children succeed is wonderful!

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    1. It has been an eventful ride with those two! We have really enjoyed watching them grow up.😊
      I think I’m ready to drop the top patten out of the line up, but I really love many aspects of the others… least I have choices I love!


  3. You are going to have so many opinions 😀 I like the second pattern dress c for on a June day, but it might still be cool then up north so the vintage pattern would be second choice.

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  4. You will look wonderful in whatever you choose! I am partial to the Kay Unger, as I love a coat and dress ensemble. It might be practical, too, for California weather. You must be so proud! What a notable event this graduation will be!

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  5. The Kay Unger!!!! That’s so classic–I love it. This will be very exciting and do remember that all the focus will be on those wonderful young people, and that all the parents are likely to be a little nervous and out of their element!

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  6. Congratulations all around! You must be so proud! What degree/major is Girl#2 graduating with? While I love all the patterns, I think the Kay Unger dress is so chic and the matching jacket is a plus!

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    1. Thanks Christina! She will graduate with a degree in Classics. She did the language emphasis, I think. I think the Kay Unger may end up as one of the two. Girl #2 voted for that one too, though she said it was fine if I wore a potato sack. She’s a sweetheart!😇


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