Charity Hats

I am cleaning the house, and one of the “piles” I happened across while setting my sewing room to rights after dumping the boxes from office in there, was a pile of left over yarns. I used some to make a hat earlier in the year, and decided that it was just what I needed for an evening project or two or three. While I don’t care much for this yarn, it does make warm hats, and the darker and brighter colors won’t show dirt quickly, so it seems like a good solution. I won’t let it go to waste, and it will make some nice warm hats for next winter.

The first one is modified from a free pattern I found on Knitpicks by Allison Griffith, the Evergreeen Cap, #55670, available here.  I put a ribbed band on it, and adjusted the length accordingly. I wanted something different to do, so tried the cables, and they were just enough to give me some practice without making me nuts. 
The second is a remake of the red, white and blue one I did earlier. I wasn’t sure if I would be happy with the color combo, but I think it is going to look pretty good! This is my adaptation of Emily Ringelman’s Glacier Peak Hat free from KnitPicks, here.

Now I’m nearly finished with this navy blue one, only the decreases left.

I’m thinking maybe red one next, with just a bit of stripes or checkerboard to break it up. These go pretty quickly, and I am getting rid of a bunch of yarn that I never bought, but seemed to acquire. That will empty out one of my yarn baskets for something I actually picked out! 



11 thoughts on “Charity Hats

    1. I’m trying to make a wide variety for both men and women. It will be so much fun to “dress the statues” until they find a permanent home on a homeless person’s head.


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