Thank You Cards for the Non-artistic 

I find myself in need of about 30 thank you notes. I have oodles of left over envelopes from several projects we did at camps over the years, so I decided to buy just pre folded cards and use up some of those orphan envelopes. Now the problem becomes what to do with them!

I love handmade cards, but I don’t really have the knack, so I have very limited supplies at hand, but my stash does have  two thank you stamps, and there’s a bit of scrapbooking paper in the craft cabinet, left over from the girls’ projects over the years.

I opted to visit Pinterest, and while there, some flowers on a bullet journal caught my eye.  So, I took out a box of crayons, colored pencils and a colored pen or two, and here’s what happened…..first a green line. (Yes, I used a ruler.)

Next the stems and leaves. This is my entire repertoire of leaves.

Now we add the flowers. I studied these and practiced on some notebook paper to get the idea. The colored pencils are great for adding some shading….depending on the card, I did well and not so well. This one is really good! (Don’t laugh!)

Next, I added a brown vein to each leaf and colored them in, and added some grass at the bottom. I have two different greens in the pencils, and used a little light brown, also a pencil.

I added a few tufts of grass and the stamp, and I have an “artisan” thank you. Only problem is that I get bored doing the same thing over and over, so I did hunt around and find 6-8 photo cards in a drawer that I will probably use to give myself a little break!

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and if I can do this anyone can!! I think I need to hunt another design so I can finish. I have a real urge to complete this last bit associated with work, so that the true vacation can begin!


13 thoughts on “Thank You Cards for the Non-artistic 

  1. Very pretty Kathy, pretty buttons also make nice flower heads, or a pretty square of fabric with frayed (or cut with pinking shears ) edges – you do not have to go really fancy. Or use you could stamp all over the card with your little “thank you” stamp – as a background, and then cut a small picture from a magazine or old birthday card as a tiny topper for the centre. Look forward to seeing what you do. Have fun and enjoy – people love anything you have put a little of your heart into.

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