Strawberry Fields Finish

This project has been one big experiment! An alteration here and there, some drafting, matching 40 year old navy fabric with new, and a bit of creative layout…it was all fun, actually!

Here we are, with all the major pieces cut and ready to sew.


The bodice has princess seams, front and back. Once I got the shoulders sewn, the neck needed some adjusting, and I’m thinking I could have cut a little deeper yet, but I think this will work.

About here DH checked in. DH:  That looks a little short.  Me: Oh I’m adding a peplum, it’ll be longer. DH:  Oh…

I opted for a 12-14 inch long invisible zipper, which should make it easier to get on and off. I actually read the instructions that came with the zipper, and realized for the first time, that the special zipper foot can be adjusted to help you sew the seam where the zipper meets cleanly…DUH!  I did bias facings for the neckline. It worked really well with the invisible zipper.

DSCN0678I added the peplum, and had just enough strawberry fabric to piece the armhole facings, which I also decided to cut down another 1/4 – 3/8 inch. The color looks really wonky; it is much better than it shows in the picture, though matching a piece of 40 year old navy fabric is not for the faint of heart!

I hung this up to get some photos before I left for choir practice, and DH comes back in to see how things are going….

DH: So, what’s she going to wear under that? It looks a little short!  Me: long pause…….pants….longer pause…(with a wicked gleam in my eye) underwear and really high heels, and a lot of eye makeup? (sarcastically) What do you think? DH: (uncertainly) 😳 I thought it was a dress! We laughed a long time over that! Poor DH!!! 😂

I finished the facings this morning, and got a photo with a little more accurate color. I think it will fit…hope so anyway! In the final assessment, I think I would lower the neckline another 1/2 inch and trim it out a little more, because it seems to pull just a bit on the hanger. I also would lengthen the actual bodice another inch. We’ll see how it looks on Girl#2. It may be just fine…as long as she wears pants! 😉


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