What is Rest?

84VcL0XPThis week I finished two of the three last projects for work, and am half way through the final one. I have realized that until those are completed, I really don’t feel disconnected from work. Not surprising after doing 4-H for 31 years I guess! I see a time in Limbo Land ahead; it is not unwelcome, but very unknown to me. I sense that this my time of rest, but I wish I had an inkling about how long that might be. Should I sign up to sub for the school district? Should I market my piano studio into a larger venture? Should I just stay at home for two or three months before even thinking about it? After being scheduled 6 and 8 months out for years, this is a bit challenging!

I know that I need to rest, but what does rest look like? I don’t think it is weeks of no plans, or just doing whatever each day, at least not for me, but I don’t believe that scheduling lots of activities is a good thing either. I’m trying to find the middle ground here, a combination of necessary chores, if you will, things that I love to do, and figuring out things I want to do. I don’t think I can rest unless I feel some sense of accomplishment at the the end of the day. DSCN0666[1]

This is all so confusing and weird! I hadn’t even started thinking about not working, and now I’m in the middle of it!  So, my plan for this week?  In addition to the work projects, I had a BIG task, some NECESSARY things, and things for ME.


BIG TASK: The Basement…home of the “library” and storage.  Long story short, we have passed on lots of resources to other homeschool families this past week, most of the books are shelved now, and a bunch of unnecessary papers have been disposed of. We are making a trip to the dump on the next nice day with all the big junk that needs to go. ( from the entire basement😊) In the process, the family room looks like a family room instead of a paper and book processing plant, and all the books from my office, and Girl #2’s room are in their proper places in the library. Soon, I hope to call the basement good enough to move on to some other BIG TASK.

NECESSARY TASK: Clean the house…not the deep cleaning I plan to do as a BIG task, but scheduling a portion each day, so that the house is the clean I want it to be if I am home all day! This does include deliming the bathroom tile, (which will take weeks of treatment, I’m sure,) really dusting, and washing the wood floors, etc.

THINGS FOR ME: I’ve had to send my Necchi in for an adjustment…though I did get Girl #2’s machine cleaned and running again. 🙂 I can’t really do much sewing until I can clean up the room, which requires completing the BIG and NECESSARY TASKS, but in the mean time I’m perking along on some knitting, reading and cross stitching, as well as conquering a couple of troublesome accompaniments on the piano. 

And of course, I am enjoying some very pleasant coffee breaks with DH and walks with super corgi, Max, who isn’t very modest!

Is this rest? Maybe not in the physical sense, but in the mental sense, I think so.


6 thoughts on “What is Rest?

    1. Yes, he is! People actually stop on the road to look at him and ask what breed he is!😂
      I am particularly proud of that coffee, because it took me over a year to figure out how to foam the milk so that the chocolate syrup would stay on top! It seemed like a special occasion this week, and I love that espresso machine, even if it is just a little cheap thing. It makes any morning special.

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  1. You seem to be achieving a good balance and I do understand your dilemma. For me, it was when I retired–yes, that’s very different, but I still had to figure out how to make my life “meaningful” without the paid work I had been doing! I think the BIG tasks are good–and when better to tackle them? I also think it’s absolutely important that you *enjoy* this time–what are the things you always wished you had more time for? Do a lot of those!

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    1. That is really good advice Kerry. I have been surprised at how many afternoons I catch myself waking up from a 20 minute nap…DH says it’s the stress working its way out. I will be really glad to have this final bit done, and pull the plug, so to speak. Then “vacation” will really begin, and whatever else from there. I changed the month on my planner to April today…the emptiness was actually exciting, so I think I’m making progress! Thanks for the continued encouragement, it really has made a difference.


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