Book Review–1906

I listened to this book, because I needed a diversion while driving to and from Pierre last weekend (190 miles one way). It was an engaging listen, formatted much like a police report, with dates and times. The author,  James Dalessandro, took the events in and around the San Francisco earthquake, created some characters for the story, and wove them in and out of the real life events and characters. I was ready to hunt the actual history when I finished. It was an enjoyable listen, and a very interesting piece of history I knew little about. It also kept me alert on the drive home, which was well past my normal bedtime, so while not riveting, it was definitely entertaining!

If you enjoy historical fiction, you may want to check this one out. I’d never read/listened to anything by this author, but I’m going to see what else he’s written. Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “Book Review–1906

  1. Do you know the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes books by Laurie R. King? It’s a delightful series and one of them is set in the aftermath of the SF quake. I was fascinated to learn more about that devastation.

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      1. If you do, start with the first of the series, The Beekeeper’s Apprentice. It lays the foundation. After that, I’m not sure it matters much what order they’re read in.

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