Transition Land

After the drama of the past month, the rush to take care of details and loose ends, yesterday was my last day at work. Well it was supposed to be…as per usual in 4-H world, way too many things to do, and not enough time to get them done. I guess it was my fake last day! I have trophies for the next two events (like 300 of them) all over my office and flowing down the hall.

So, the plan for today: go in at 7:30 and continue to organize the awards and label the boxes, sign the statement I promised the Director (my boss’ boss), write a budget priority list for my successor, and write the narrative for the Hall of Fame awards to be presented in April.

I also have to get some training materials to someone I forgot in the chaos, and finish copying my contacts listing, just in case I need it.  Then I can take down the stuff on the walls and truly be done, except for that national committee I am on…I need to finish that, but I’ll do it from home.

Until these tasks are completed my brain is not ready to be done! My friend across the state was in the same boat…she was doing a training at 5:30 last night! We find it quite ironic, and have laughed a good deal! My apologies for boring you with these details, but it has helped me finish the list!

On the other side, I have been overwhelmed with the support, kind words and tokens of appreciation. My volunteers spoiled me rotten over the weekend, and I will be working on thank you for a very long time!

Post Transition-I haven’t scripted my first day, but may sit down this afternoon and begin working on a plan. My wonderful West River 4-H staff provided me with this brand new journal, so I am going to attempt some variation on a bullet journal. 

Today is supposed to be a lovely spring day, so I am ready to get this list done, and savor that feeling of “playing hooky” when everyone else is at work this afternoon. 


11 thoughts on “Transition Land

    1. What an encourager you are Deb! Thanks so much! I did start the first big project, which requires DH to buy in. Our “library” in the basement has needed serious attention for years, but it is a two person job. Today we tackled the girls’ old subject notebooks (from home schooling) and have them ready to pass on to other families in town. We also boxed whatever was left of AP materials, and consolidated the Great Books collection, so I could put away my and Girl#2’s books.


  1. You are so busy, making sure they can do without you! A lesser person would’ve been ticked off and just walked away, leaving things undone. I hope you’re going to enjoy your freedom for awhile. And I hope that, eventually, you feel this all turned out for the best!

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    1. Oh Kerry! I did finally leave at noon and bring two things home. I will have the one done by next week, and the other is for the national committee I was on, and I can do it more at my leisure, though I am T the point where I am am starting to feel the need to close the book so to speak.

      Colleague and I are having our own staff meeting next Monday morning, just to laugh and check in. She was at her office most of Wednesday as well!😆


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