Friday Finish!!

After losing steam for awhile, I finally have a finish! The first of four lap quilts using Splendid Sampler blocks is finished! I was able to deliver it to the recipient during lunch, so it’s not even hanging out in my sewing room anymore. Possible more sandwiching this weekend…


13 thoughts on “Friday Finish!!

    1. Ah thanks Kerry! I’m not quite there yet, but working on it. This week was good, next week will be hard. They are coming from campus to “learn what I do….” I want to be nice, but half of me hopes they leave terrified!šŸ˜ˆ


    1. Oh not really Tracy!! Once I decided to make four smaller quilts it just made sense to give them to some special people that had also served in the military. I had planned to do something for them…this seemed the perfect fit.


    1. I think so Deb. Figuring out what to do for quilting is hard for me, and stress seems to make that twice as hard. Cutting and sewing is my stress relief! I have the next one hanging in my sewing room, and I am going to make a plan for each block before I start the FMQ. I am about to draw a grid and start making squiggles so that is progress! I want the plan finished before my last day of work so I will have a project ready to go. I think it will be good therapy. šŸ˜Š

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