Book Review–Oliver Twist

For my first classic of the year, I chose Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. I’ve read Great Expectations and slogged through Tale of Two Cities, and never really appreciated Dickens until I watched BBC’s Bleak House. I realized that for some reason, Dickens is better (for me) in audio form. So, I listened to Oliver Twist, and enjoyed it much more than my previous reads.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate classics because the story moves more slowly and there’s more thinking and less dialogue than what we’ve been used to from watching TV. I just think that classics are good for us! They show us that the concerns of today were the concerns of yesterday, that in spite our great technology, man is still searching. And, while sometimes the language takes a bit of wading, the stories are really good. They require some discipline, which for me is a good thing, and they often require thinking….

Oliver Twist has it all, dramatic escapes, mayhem, murder, a heroine, and a happy ending. For me, it was a great listen! 


9 thoughts on “Book Review–Oliver Twist

  1. I”m not a great Dickens fan either, but I did enjoy A Tale of Two Cities when I read it years ago. Great Expectations brings back memories of “O” level English Literature ^^ and Oliver Twist always makes me think of the old musical film with whatever his name was singing “Who will buy this wonderful morning”!

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    1. I think I need to experience Dickens on multiple levels to get the most out of him. Read it, see the movie, or hear it. It’s too complex for me to get everything in the first go. I’ve found the second experience much better than the first, no matter which story or which method. It may be just me!😊


  2. Oliver Twist is a good book which I read several times. I love David Copperfield, and the BBC version is lovely. Daniel Radcliffe as young Copperfield with Maggie Smith as his aunt are so good.

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