A Change of Pace

No Wednesday update on the Peace sweater this week. I’ve done some rows, but the stress of the past few weeks has dampened my creativity, and many of my big projects have been languishing a bit. So, to give myself a boost, I opted to cast on a dish cloth. They are normally quick, and this one is actually staying at my house! I found this faux honeycomb pattern here, and have enjoyed watching it grow.

The color on this is actually a mid-tone navy instead of this dull gray, but the iPad camera did capture the great texture created from this pattern. I am excited to give this dish cloth a workout. I’ve heard rave reviews about homemade cotton ones, but have never had one of my own. Guess we’ll find out!


18 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. Lovely I made lots, years back but I knit them with string. You just had to make them bigger because then shrank the first time they got wet lol. Lasted for ages though. Sorry things have been stressful for you lately Kathy and hope whatever is causing the stress resolves itself soon. Hugs (sounds like you need some) Helen x

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  2. How smart you are, not to ask too much of yourself while your life is kind of crazy. Making small, practical projects is perfect! I love the texture of that cloth–it’ll scrub anything!

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