Garden Dreams

We had some very warm days last week; it melted the snow that arrived in early December. The bare patches of ground, even in February, are a catalyst for dreams of green plants and home grown produce. In South Dakota, our growing season is on the short side. Our average last frost is in mid May, and the average first frost is mid September. It varies quite a bit each year; I remember putting carrots and spinach in the ground as early as late March, and also scraping my car windows on June 3! 

Over the years we have tried to start tomatoes early, but have found that the sunlight we get through our windows is lacking, resulting in some tall and spindly seedlings. Last year, some late cold rains prevented us from getting them out until mid June, and they looked terrible all summer, with not much produce. Granted, it was a bad tomato year, but it was still disheartening!

We do try to grow herbs indoors, and have got a healthy sage and parsley pot, and have restarted some more basil. We have some rosemary and marjoram too, but they are still iffy. The big surprise has been the turmeric! DH Planted the root six weeks ago or more and it finally sprouted!

The Citrus Farm is progressing well, we now have 3 lemon trees and 3 grapefruit trees. No luck with the mandarin oranges or limes yet, but someone gave me some pomegranate seeds, so we may try those!

This year, I want to really work on the garden, and make it really productive, and maybe even beautiful. I think the physical work will be good for me, and the plants will be good therapy for my wounded heart. By fall, I’ll  have a great sense of accomplishment, food to eat for the coming year, and a renewed spirit. Of course, DH will be working along side, and that will provide us a fresh and new task to do together. 

On my list of what to plant:

Spinach, carrots, beets, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes, buttercup squash, pumpkins and onions

Other possibilities might be: summer squash, cucumbers, kale, broccoli and maybe cauliflower

We already have some asparagus established, and our grape vines produced for the first time this last year. The cherry tree is producing, and hopefully we will get some apples this year. We lost the pollinator for our plum trees last year so will need to fix that this spring. 

What are you growing this year? Most of you likely have started already! We don’t even have crocus shoots up yet, so we continue to dream!


14 thoughts on “Garden Dreams

  1. When my grandson was small we used to do this all the time. My utility room window sill had small apple trees, orange trees, avocado, plums, pears, you name it – if we ate it and there was a seed we grew it, we had some wonderful house plants, but alas none of them ever produced fruit. I do know of people who have achieved this though and whatever there is a great satisfaction from growing something from a free seed.

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  2. Looks like you are bringing Spring inside.😊 I don’t garden anymore because of caring for our handicap daughter, I do enjoy it though. So I’ll just put a few tomato plant in pots close to the house so we can enjoy fresh tomatoes!

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  3. I entertained the idea of growing my own veg, fruit and herbs but I’m not very good at it. And I’m terrible with indoor plants too – just not something I have the knack for. This year I’ll be growing my old faithful strawberries and blueberries but that’s probably about it x

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  4. That’s a very ambitious plan, Kathy! I think if you accomplish even half of it you can feel very proud. We are flower gardeners here, not food, and, like you, we still have a long wait until we can expect to see any growth at all.

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    1. Isn’t this the hardest time, when there is still snow on the ground, but there have been whispers of spring? When do you usually lose your snow? I remember northern MN when I was very small…seemed like mid April before the melt really came. This summer I won’t be running back and forth from seven weeks of camp, so we’ll do a bette job of weeding.😊


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