Friday Free Motion

In spite of a rather crotchety Ms. Necchi, I decided to load up a spool and give Splendid A a go. Ms. Necchi agreed because the tension issues I’ve been grinding my teeth over didn’t appear! Three blocks done, so I quit while I was ahead! Quilting is the hardest part for me, so I have to think about it a bit, and go visit some other friends for inspiration!

My three blocks have now become nine, and I even tried some leaf type things, so I may yet do a real feather! (Don’t give up on me Doreen!) Happy Friday all!


13 thoughts on “Friday Free Motion

    1. Not really brave, more like stubborn or cheap! It was a little scary the first time I did a queen size, but once I got going, it was just a bunch of pieces. However, I do appreciate when a quilt comes with a plan for quilting it!

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  1. That looks great! I’ve only tried quilting in straight lines across the whole thing so far. I love the way you’re doing different things on each square. It’s like lots of little finishes 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you! That little guy is adorable, he was one of the first blocks, and seeing all the other renditions online was quite motivating! I opted for simple, because it reminded me of the embroidered day of the week towels my mom always used.


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