Book Review–Shift

I recall saying that I was going to give the sequel to Wool a try, and then decide…I decided. I have to read the third one just to see how this all turns out. Probably more action than character development, but I want to know what happens!!!!! Again, not my usual read, but hey, it’s winter in South Dakota. 

I must say that Hugh Howey does have an incredible imagination. This was a plot twist that I would never have imagined!

I’ve decided to balance myself out with a classic after this, however I’ve decided to do the audio book so I can keep knitting or stitching as I listen.😉


6 thoughts on “Book Review–Shift

    1. Yes, start with Wool and see what you think. As a child I was one that just read, I didn’t stop because I didn’t like something. I’m sure it had to do with the book mobile coming every three weeks, and the daily 30 minute bus ride each way.😊 That may have affected my selectivity….!

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